15 ways to take beautiful portraits outdoors, indoors catch good light

by AzToplist | Updated: March 3, 2020

You want to have beautiful portraits, but each time you shoot, they are only submerged. What to do now, don’t worry with the sum all about how to take beautiful portraits you should refer to right away.  Along AZToplist.com refer to this article.

1. How to set up a portrait camera

1.1. Choose a beautiful view

The first step in how to take beautiful portraits is that you need to know how to choose the scene that suits your beauty. With a well-lit scene that suits your skin tone and makes it easy to shoot even in dark modes.

You can see the difference right when the whole face is taken or there are lots of bright white patches in the picture. Your photos will look good thanks to the brightness adjustment of professional and modern cameras that are reasonable.

Taking beautiful portraits is not difficult 

1.2 Camera settings


One of the most important steps in how a portrait camera is set up is to adjust the aperture of the camera. It’s best to get great portraits or even beautiful group photos you need the necessary photography techniques, which is to set the aperture of the camera to a wide range.

Get the range from f / 2.8 to f / 5.6 to give the image more depth, no blur or blur and the photographer is more prominent in the frame.

Priority should be set to make it easy to adjust the aperture to create a deep depth of field for photos. For professional DSLR cameras, modern, it will automatically set up to be able to capture images most accurately.

Shutter setting

When making shutter settings, what you need to consider is the length of the camera focal length and the amount of image shake. For you to set a long focal length that greatly affects camera shake, you need specialized books to set the shutter speed faster.

As a standard rule of thumb, make sure the speed of the focal length is less than the speed of the shutter.

However, if the subject is moving a lot, you need to reset the camera shake as well. Like when taking pictures of any active children, it is very difficult to make them sit still. At that time, it is necessary to equip the anti-vibration system.

Of course, not all cameras are equipped with these features, but mainly in major brands such as Canon, Sony and if so, you need to know how to take advantage. But if not, set the camera to a slower shutter setting to get the perfect shot.

ISO degrees

If you take a picture, the subject is constantly changing facial expressions such as smiling, blinking, or lip smelling. You do not know how to adjust your image will be shaky and blurred. Nobody wants to own a portrait photo when they’re having bad expressions.

As mentioned above, to avoid blurring, blurring, or damage to photos, you need to set the shutter mode. Besides, after adjusting the aperture and shutter, do not forget to adjust the ISO mode.

Instead of increasing the shutter speed too much, you increase the ISO. Increasing slowly ISO 100 to ISO 400 is fine. But if you shoot in very dark light, you need to go up from ISO 1,600, ISO 3,200, and still not have enough light, you can go up to ISO 6,400. If the image has dust particles, it is still better than the photos that are too blurry and blurry.

Set up the camera to get a good portrait

1.3 Choose the right lens

The choice of a lens with advanced, consistent image resolution has a huge impact on the quality of a portrait photo. There is a secret that young people love to take is that shooting from the bottom of the lens towards the subject will be significantly higher.

This is a method many people use to deceive the eyes of the viewer. Make the foot feel much longer than reality. But it should be noted that if you take a close picture, the image may be distorted. To change the angle of photography, you just need to tilt the camera professionally, there will be a different style.

With a professional lens like the current 70-200mm, the aperture is usually around f / 2.8 is one of the best equipment to get the best portrait. This lens allows you to zoom in closer to the subject and you can also reduce the amount of background and the negative effects.

2. How to take beautiful portraits

2.1. Use the one-third rule

This rule is so well-known and has been applied by many photographers in composition in portraits for a sorrowful picture.

According to this rule, the photo frame will be divided into 3 vertical lines and 3 equal horizontal lines. These lines will help you find the center of the image by framing the image. From there you put the subject where needed to get a balanced picture.

2.2. Create a sense of direction

To achieve a beautiful portrait you need to create a sense of direction and rhythmic movements. To achieve this, you need to create more space in the front than the space in the back, and it is better to give the subject a view.

The good composition creates the perfect picture

2.3. Create a straight line

There are two basic types of lines in a composition in a portrait photo: real lines and implied lines. The main purpose of these two lines is to break the straight line in the one-third rule, Usually, the lines in the one-third rule will be vertical and horizontal lines.

From there, create lines so that the image becomes more vivid and full of life. At the same time let the eye look immediately attracted to the object in the image from the first time. Since then your photos will become much more attractive and attractive.

2.4. Create a triangle

Instead of forming a rule in a third, forming a triangle will make the viewer feel a lot better. Photos become more vivid and eye-catching, and also more balanced.

2.5. Balance and create highlights for images

In beautiful portrait photography, balancing and emphasizing the image is essential. Viewers can feel great things from the highlights of the image.

2.6. Create your own new layout

In addition to applying the above rules, you can also use new ways of portrait photography that many people love. Or you can also create new layouts to get the complete picture.

Composition ⅓ in portrait photography

3. How to pose for portraits

3.1. Soft, comfortable

You should give your subjects a sense of comfort and comfort to pose freely and comfortably. If so, then the new image as your desire.

You can also head to the romantic and so deep scenes with the combination of portrait filters with new effects to create a natural conversation, sipping a cup of tea or taking a leisurely walk to get the most natural expression.

3.2. Avoid feeling rigid, artificial for the looker

To avoid rigid, artificial sensations for the viewer, try to give the photographer the most natural poses. It is a good idea to leave the subject expressive and you only need to capture the other spaces.


Posing naturally creates a vivid image

4. Express your feelings when taking portraits

The way to take beautiful portraits is easy to express emotions, but if the emotions are too awkward, it does not create sympathy with the viewer. For people who look at them, they prefer a picture full of soul and content rather than a picture with a wry and rigid expression.

To get rid of the stress of shooting, you can go with a drink or coffee to create a sense of familiarity. When posing or shooting expressions will also be more natural without having to be shy.

If there are disagreements or outages arising during shooting, it should also be soft and resolve absolutely to avoid controversy. The tension between each other, the photographer and the one annoyed by the photograph, are also very bad.

Capture emotions when taking portraits

5. Lighting when taking portraits

5.1. When shooting in a wide space

If shooting in a large space you should bring a reflective sheet. There may be a place where the light is good enough to produce good photos, but there may also be a lack of reflective panels that will help you fix that.

5.2. When shooting in tight spaces

In a confined space, the light is very difficult, a reflective plate is not enough to illuminate the entire frame. You should combine the lamp to get the perfect picture.

6. Use contrasting tones

To get a good picture, not only the professional, but the photographer also needs to be aware of the clothes on the body. With an existing background, you should choose the map with contrast to the background to highlight yourself, not to match. Avoid being drowned in your own photos.

7. Buy the best portrait camera

To satisfy your passion, you should choose the most satisfactory camera. The camera purchased at AZToplist.com is also a pretty good idea. With a good camera, you will get a satisfactory picture.

Moreover, AZToplist.com also has a lot of other genuine, good quality camera accessories for you to choose from.

Choose the right camera

With the above ways of taking beautiful portraits, we know you know how to take perfect photos. Just follow the standard rules above, a portrait for life is not difficult at all. Good luck!

Beauty knowledge will help you make yourself more beautiful every day!

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