How to make aloe vera mask for acne?

by AzToplist | Updated: April 8, 2020

How to mask vera acne treatment is one of many ways to do masks acne from nature, but also a lot of uncertainty as to mask vera acne treatment so that the most effective and why aloe vera was trusted. Now, AZToplist invite you to refer to this article together!

Should vera mask for acne

If you are bothered with acne and extremely wild in finding a method to treat, do not miss the opportunity to try themselves with masks aloe vera to treat acne.

In fact, acne, blackheads can easily disappear after only two weeks of use with aloe vera mask products by nutritional components contained in each arm vera.

Vera mask extremely effective acne

Vera mask extremely effective acne

Masking vera essence acne is the use of precious nutrients in aloe vera to flying the blemishes and prevent them from returning.

Specific components of aloe vera ingredients anthraquinones Complex help treat dermatitis on the face, so people who are suffering from acne especially dermatitis mild form should use masks aloe vera can help skin quickly back smooth, ruddy.

Add to that how to mask vera acne treatment is also effective for everyone by the gel of aloe vera have acid content slightly easier cleansing of sebum, the types of smoke dirt on your face.

This is one of the main causes of acne so kind and also the cause of acne treatment may not be as effective as desired.

In aloe vera mask with multiple ingredients to treat acne

In aloe vera mask with multiple ingredients to treat acne

Finally able to confirm how to mask vera acne is true science by the aloe vera content of vitamin E, vitamin C helps to remove dead skin cells easier, while dead cells outside removed, the skin will become more open, the dirt inside the body easily excreted than externally through the lines pores which helps acne will not have the chance that grows anymore.

Vera mask-making acne

Here are ways to make aloe vera mask the simplest acne up for you. There are many ways to use the mask vera different, each has its own advantages but all methods require you need to be very persistent mask regularly and in time the longest nail it to be can feel the effect.

Pure aloe vera mask

Acne mask of pure aloe vera

Acne mask of pure aloe vera

A simple method to treat acne with aloe vera that is used to mask pure without further use with any kind of other products. This is how most quickly but extremely effective optimization.

To perform vera mask from acne you only need to prepare one spike of pure aloe vera then rinse, squeeze this part vera juice. Note that you should use a piece of standing water that can filter out substances vera pulp. Then add a little water into the filtered water to dilute vera skin, then apply to the face for 20 minutes before washing your face with clean water. Perform this way 2 times/week to clear skin of acne

Vera and honey

How vera mask with honey acne

How vera mask with honey acne

Apart from making masks with pure aloe vera, you can also use more with honey to make the mask as desired. Vera flying acne honey also provides a lot of nutrients and proteins to the skin became more smooth and healthy so this was precisely the combination of extremely perfect.

To do this, you first prepare 100 grams of aloe forest region 10 grams of pure honey. Then bring vera went washed, chopped and put in the pot to boil with about 500ml of water, when the water is boiling, you turn to simmer and continue to cook until thick liquid, again, usually this process takes about 30 minutes.

Then boil the water quality was such vera mixed with honey and used to cover the way out. Note, you should remove make-up and facial cleansing before mask slightly. This allows the nutrients in aloe vera and honey easily absorbed into the skin better.

Vera and rice water

How vera mask acne with rice water

How vera mask acne with rice water

If you do not wish to clean the skin of acne, but also want their skin whiter then quickly combined aloe vera with rice water slightly.

Rice water has long been a large number of women Viet trust to whitening for all skin types should face combined with aloe vera is used can be applied.

To follow this method you take part gel leaf aloe vera and then mixed with rice water (part of turbid water, have to settle below) ratio of 1: 1 to apply to the face for twenty minutes.

In the process of aloe vera mask with rice water, you can tap in the process up to the skin more elastic. Finally do not forget to wash your face with clean water to the skin slightly.

Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about the aloe vera mask for acne. Please share this article if you find it useful. Thanks!

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