Before Bed Skin Care Routine

by aztoplistteam | Updated: September 22, 2020

Beauty skincare is always a hot, important issue that is concerned by thousands of millions of people around the world.
Gives you a beautiful, radiant, or ugly old face depending on your daily skincare routine.
The most common situation today is that countless people do not have sufficient in-depth knowledge of standard skin care procedures such as high-end spas and beauty salons.
They also wash their faces, use cosmetics, and apply strange faces like many people, but they meet unfortunate fundamental mistakes that have serious consequences on skin health.
After a long time of skincare, but still does not improve, it can cure skin-related diseases such as acne, sticky or dry skin, dark pigmentation, wrinkled eyes, and chin …

Because of the above reasons, you are in a bad mood, bored, shy, headache, loss of confidence when communicating with the other person, and having a lot of troubles at work and love.

To help you relieve yourself. remove the above mentality and both save time and minimize costs on the beauty path by being safe, effective, and fastest possible.
 AZTopList has compiled factual information on the basis of scientifically proven trials and is still shared by highly experienced dermatologists: “skincare steps in the evening before going to bed”.
Ensure to give you smooth white skin, shiny like baby skin, root treatment removes many acne, fades fine lines after just a few weeks.
Right now, please refer to the article containing the following useful content to own a lasting beauty, preserve your youth, attract all eyes, admire and admire, what brings many women dream.

These skincare steps will keep you fresh to start your day. The night is also an ideal time for your skin care because your skin is not affected by factors such as air pollution, sunscreen, or the harmful effects of UV rays.

You only need 6 following skincare products to prepare for the evening skincare steps:

You only need 6 following skincare products to prepare for the evening skincare steps:

  • Makeup remover products
  • Milk or facial cleanser
  • Toner (rose water)
  • Serum (skin essence)
  • Retinol (extracted from vitamin A1)
  • The moisturizer is suitable for the skin

The steps to take care of facial skin at night need to be done in the right order for you to have pink and radiant skin as desired. You should not reverse the order of skin care because they can destroy the benefits of the products.

After you have prepared your skincare products, start with the following night skincare steps below.

Step 1: Remove make-up to help clear skin

Makeup remover is one of the most important steps that you should not skip to help lighten and even tone your skin at night. When you wear makeup but do not clean your skin at night or do not remove it, it will easily clog pores, cause acne, increase the amount of oil on the skin, causing dry and cracked skin.

♥ How to remove make-up: Put makeup remover or cream on your hands and gently massage your nose, cheeks, chin, forehead. Then use a tissue to remove the makeup from the cream and the milk, and then wipe your face with a cotton ball of makeup remover. For the eyeshadow, use an oil-based makeup remover to the cotton, then hold it on the eye area for about 5 seconds and gently wipe from the inside out. Do the same for the lip area until the powder and lipstick are removed.

You should gently remove skin makeup, not pull the skin too hard, especially in the eye area to prevent wrinkles.

Step 2: Clean skin to remove dirt

Clean skin to remove dirt

Once you’ve removed your make-up, move on to cleansing your face. This second step is indispensable in the evening facial care steps for the following reasons:

• Get rid of the dirt that has accumulated on the face: Washing your face after a day of outdoor activity will help remove dirt that has accumulated on the face.

• Avoid clogging pores that cause acne: When you wash your face, you will prevent clogged pores that cause acne due to excess oil, makeup residue, perspiration remaining on your face.

• Helps absorb skincare products easier: The cleansing correctly will help you absorb the skincare products easier.

♥ How to wash your face: Wet your face and then use an exfoliating cleanser to not only remove dead skin cells, but also remove dirt and makeup residue. Then you massage your face gently and rinse your face.

If you have sensitive skin then it is better to use a foaming cleanser. If you have dry skin, use an oil-based cleanser.

Step 3: Use a toner to provide moisture to the skin

Use a toner to provide moisture to the skin

Toner can give your skin many benefits such as minimizing pores, balancing PH, moisturizing and protecting the skin. For these reasons, toner is also often an indispensable product for women.

♥ How to use toner: After cleansing your skin with cleanser, put 2-3 drops of toner on a cotton pad and then apply evenly on your face. Then, you gently wipe the entire face but do not rub too hard, just keep enough force to absorb the toner into the pores. You should also only take an amount just enough to moisten your face, not too much.

Using a toner is quite useful for those with oily or acne-prone skin thanks to its effective sebum control and reduction of large pores. If you have acne, use toners that contain the ingredients AHA and BHA because they have the ability to clear bacteria and unclog pores. If you have sensitive skin, choose natural and non-alcoholic products to soothe your skin.

Step 4: Use a serum to rejuvenate the skin

The skincare serum is loved by many women and chosen by many features to help rejuvenate the skin. The serum has the main effect of helping you prevent aging, whiten skin, prevent dark spots, moisturize, exfoliate, and regenerate skin.

♥ How to use the serum: Choose a serum that is right for your skin, then place a few drops of the serum on your forehead, nose, chin, cheeks, and gently massage your skin. Gently massage the skin will help nutrients from the serum penetrate deeper into the skin, maximizing the effect.

Similar to other skincare products, you should not stretch or rub the serum vigorously against the skin, which will damage and sag the skin quickly.

Step 5: Use retinol to help regenerate the skin

Use retinol to help regenerate the skin

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A that helps your body produce a lot of collagen, so it is very effective in regenerating the skin, preventing wrinkles, crow’s feet, helping the skin to be even, and supporting acne treatment.

♥ How to use retinol: After using the serum, keep your skin dry and apply a thin layer of retinol to your face.

You should only use retinol at night because retinol can make your skin sensitive to sunlight and light. If you are using retinol for the first time, you should only use it at the lowest% concentration and use once a week and then increase gradually. Also, be sure to use sunscreen during the day because retinol makes your skin more susceptible to sunburn.

Step 6: Use moisturizer to smooth the skin

You only have one last step of skincare to finish facial skincare steps at night. At this point, use a moisturizer for your skin to get benefits such as preventing flaking, locking in moisture, anti-aging, protecting skin, and helping skin stay moisturized all night.

♥ How to use moisturizer: Take a handful of moisturizer and then heat the cream by rubbing your palms together. Then you put the cream on your face, smooth gently from bottom to top and avoid rubbing too hard on the skin.

Nighttime facial treatments are even more effective when you use a silk pillowcase to help keep your skin and hair from wrinkling. Besides, you can use a sleeping mask to help relax the body and have a better sleep. You also need to drink 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated and help your skin glow.

Before using any product on your face, always make sure to check your skin for allergies to ingredients in the skincare product. You should also be gentle with your facial skin to avoid sagging and do not use too many facial skin care products to cause waste.


Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about the “Before bed skincare routine”, ad brings some small value to you. Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!

Beauty knowledge will help you make yourself more beautiful every day!

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