10 Best Magnetic Drawing Boards by Consumer Report 2019

You will not imagine what happens when you are not at home, but your kids have something to write on the wall or tables and chairs, maybe when you get home from work, you will be annoyed and annoyed because you have to clean. Clean up the whole wall.

You also do not want children to use phones or tablets because it will affect the eyes because their eyes are still young.

However, if you know how to guide them so that they can draw and write things in the right place, both developing their intelligence and creativity, and ensuring your walls are not dirty, that’s why. A magnetic board for your kids to play with, draw whatever they want.

To quickly select a magnetic whiteboard for your child, you need to know some basic knowledge to help you choose safe and quality products, among hundreds of models on the market.

Below are the types of magnetic tables reviewed and selected by the Aztoplist team from hundreds of samples out there, we ask the users for advice as well as refer to the significant forums on the internet about this type of board. Next is the need to know for us to choose the best product how. Invite you to follow:


Top List 10 Best Magnetic Drawing Boards to Buy [htthang], [htnam]

Number 10. Athena Futures Kids (best easy to use pick)

ATHENA FUTURES Magnetic Drawing Boards

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We will certainly start our listing with simple to go version that can also be managed by a 3-year-old child reasonably well. This product includes a magnetic illustration pen along with three magnets that children love to delight in.

On top of that, the dimension of this unit is relatively compact and keeps the kids active for eating in restaurants. Likewise, the price is relatively low, fitting the pocket incredibly.


  • Can be patronized a budget-friendly price
  • Perfect for kids over three years old
  • Crafted in a tiny dimension


  • Durability is on a lower side

Number 9. Amosting Magnetic Drawing Board (best for travel)


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If you are trying to find a plaything that permits your youngster to discover & have a good time at the same time throughout taking a trip, then our group strongly suggest shopping this item from Amosting. It features a pen & five stamps tones for creating lots of remarkable pictures.

It is a lightweight & long-lasting unit that continues entertaining children on the physician workplaces and dining establishments. This drawing board remains devoid of dust all the time.


  • Easy to learn instructions.
  • Extremely lightweight & portable device.
  • Made using harmless ABS product.


  • The high price might be an issue for some buyers

Number 8. SGILE Magnetic Doodle Board Toy (best large magnetic drawing board)

SGILE Magnetic Drawing Boards

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This product is a worthy alternative for people who are seeking a magnetic board having a larger size. It is a safe system made by business by adhering to the above health criteria of safety.

It might be a little costly to purchase customers. However, the accessibility of three stamps supplies why they are. Likewise, there are four various vivid shades displayed by this most exceptional magnetic drawing board like red, yellow, blue, and also eco-friendly.


  • It is furnished with lots of learning functions.
  • Completely non-hazardous item.
  • Eight various color areas for added vibrancy.
  • non-rounded edges for staying clear of injury.


  • Complaints about the smell in some units

Number 7. NextX Magnetic Drawing Board (best for color selection)


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The 7th position in our checklist is accompanied by a simplified version from NextX brand name that offered in three various shades like blue, blue-yellow, as well as blue-red. It is supplied with five different stamps and also sticker sheet having lots of patterns.

An additional convincing feature of this product is that it supplied with 100% satisfaction and 30-day money-back assured that you would not discover in a lot of youngster’s items.


  • Easy to develop endless drawings making use of paints.
  • A 100% fulfillment assurance backs it.
  • It is made from safe material.


  • Very expensive to shop

Number 6. Fly2Sky Magnetic Drawing Board (best for gifting)

FLY2SKY Magnetic Drawing Boards

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If your primary priority is to present a traditional drafting board to your kid, then go shopping this outstanding item. It is a well-made magnetic drawing board that a child will certainly love to have as a present. Drawing & erasing is relatively simple in this board and also get completed with minimal initiative.

Additionally, there are four shades revealed by the screen of this remarkable drafting board. In simple words, having this item will let the youngsters have a lot more than just a typical illustration board.


  • Offered in 2 beautiful colors
  • Outfitted with numerous instructional features
  • Crafted using non-toxic ABS plastic
  • Drawing & getting rid of is extremely simpler


  • Little bit dull colors when compared with others in the list

Number 5. HC Toys Magnetic Doodle Board (budget-friendly pick)

HC Toys

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If you are seeking to shop a top-class doodle board that can be bought at an inexpensive cost, then invest cash in this useful system. There are four colors displayed by this unit that include blue, eco-friendly, red, and yellow. It equipped with a slider eraser and powerful cleaning feature for better convenience.

In addition to a one-month cash financial institution assurance, you will undoubtedly fall in love with the style of this outstanding magnetic board. Also, the design is relatively unusual due to the 5.9 X4.3 inch drawing display.


  • Give with a 100% satisfaction warranty.
  • It is outfitted with sufficient wiping capacity.
  • Enjoyable and also imaginative to utilize.


  • Complaints about falling out of stampers

Number 4. NextX (best value for the money)

NextX Magnetic Drawing Boards

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Are you one of the minority people that choose to acquire systems that provide full value to the money? This item is a terrific alternative to select for such people thanks to its five various stampers and a sheet of sticker labels for multiple patterns.

The customers will obtain a 1-month money-back guarantee on this unit against the manufacturing flaws. Boost creativity and coordination of your child by using this top-class item.


  • Readily available in 3 various colors.
  • It is geared up with a simple to slide eraser.
  • It is backed by 30-days money-back warranty.


  • Little bit weak magnet might be an issue

Number 3. Kidsthrill Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board (best under $15)


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Offered in two different versions, this remarkable drawing board is excellent for children who wish to boost their writing abilities. It is being provided in shades like blue and also red for providing extra selection. This lightweight unit can be taken care of by youngsters with ease.

The full-frame is used sturdy non-toxic plastic to ensure youngsters remain healthy and balanced. Additionally, there is a space for holding a pen as well as stamps appropriately.


  • Top-grade doodle pad for an outstanding experience
  • Supplied with a gliding knob as well as three stampers
  • Sold at an economical rate


  • Quality needs improvement for certain components

Number 2. Play 22 (runners up)

Play22 Magnetic Drawing Boards

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If you intend to increase the eye control of your youngster, then this item is an excellent choice to choose. It is an outstanding magnetic drafting board that allows the kids to acquire problem-solving abilities. In spite of being an inexpensive board, the company hasn’t compromised with the top quality of the product at all.

The academic stem help in creating the skills associated with creating and also imagination. Furthermore, the device can be a really perfect alternative for gifting to youngster.


  • Give a boost to the imagination of children.
  • Assists in discovering letter.
  • Easy to travel as a result of light-weight construction.


  • Crafted in a larger size

Number 1. Play22 Magnetic Drawing Board (editor’s choice)


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Nobody can accompany this setting in a better means than this version from Play22 that delivered with a money-back warranty. It is a splendid system that permits the children to find out letters along with making their hand-eye control much better.

Offered at a very cost-effective rate, this item is crafted in a light-weight style enabling you very easy to move it anywhere.


  • Boost imagination & creativity in kids.
  • Very comfortable to keep on the lap.
  • Available at an extremely budget-friendly price.


  • Packaging needs improvement for sure


When to choose to buy a magnetic drawing board:

Appropriate age is about three years old. At this age, children do not have the self-discipline to keep things; they often throw and throw their belongings, with smart self-erasing mechanical drawings, will be safer and more economical for them.

At the same time, the relatively low price of the mechanical self-erasing smart drawing board, parents can completely buy as a toy to develop intelligence for children without hesitation.

Things you need to consider to choose the appropriate magnetic board:

Let’s take a look at the essential things to keep in mind when buying the perfect magnetic drawing board below:


Wood boards will be used by children most of the time. That is why it must be made from harmless materials. So make sure the magnetic whiteboard you are buying is healthy for children.

How much do you want to pay:

Although the price of magnetic drawing boards is quite affordable, you still have to be wary when buying machines. It can be purchased for as low as the US $ 7 and as high as the US $ 50. However, you should choose the unit that fits your budget and needs the features.

Magnetic drawing board color:

Children are very fussy about the designs & colors of the products they shop for. That’s why we recommend buying your child’s favorite color to end any debate later.

The durability of the drawing board:

As we all know, this product will be used by children who have a habit of dropping their toys. The same thing happens with magnetic drawing boards; it has to be durable enough to handle unintentional falls quite convincingly.

The winning magnetic board:

We most appreciate models 1,2 and 3 because they meet all safety conditions as well as the most effective use.

With the above knowledge, it has contributed basically to help you have a very general overview of what you need to know so that you can choose the right magnetic drawing board for your baby.

Hopefully, you will choose to succeed, if you find the article useful, please help us share to help many people who are still challenging to select the magnetic drawing board. Thanks!