Exercise to lose belly fat fast in 1 week only for 15 minutes a day

by AzToplist | Updated: March 10, 2020

To have a perfect physique is not easy but must undergo continuous practice every day. How to improve your physique most effectively without having to spend time to the fitness center, which is applied to exercise to lose weight quickly.

Today I will reveal to you the secret to a toned body, thanks to the modern standards of exercise to lose weight fast in a week.

Along watched for exercise to lose weight within a week steps and how to implement and how to have a standard waist, tapered shape as dreamed.

Why should exercise to lose weight fast in 1 week?

Exercise to lose weight fast in one week is a lot of bodybuilding coach widely applicable because it contains many advantages quickly give you a standard physique like dreaming.

Movements in exercises to lose weight in one week is not only beneficial in the process to get in shape is pretty standard, but also extremely beneficial for our health.

Let’s go over the benefits of conducting the exercise to lose weight in 1 week:

  • Save time

Applied exercises at home weight loss body burn fat (especially abdominal) and reshaped the standard posture in just a few easy steps and shorter than the other exercises. It only takes about 15-20 minutes per day only.

This method would be extremely good for people who have busy work but still want a beautiful physique.

  • Stimulates the production of growth hormone

The exercise will speed weight loss is your level with high-intensity activities, thereby supporting the blood circulation better place. Causes cardiovascular and other parts of the body are moving. Whereby better cardiovascular health and enhances the concentration of oxygen in the blood. Bits of help prevent cardiovascular disease effectively.

  • Rapid weight loss after only one week

Exercise to lose weight quickly in one week will help you to thoroughly remove fat accumulation areas of the body for a long time and bring great effective weight loss.

According to experts, the fitness bodybuilding weight loss in one week helps you maintain effective weight loss great if you have one then diet and healthy rest.

Exercises fitness weight -out fast in 1 week

These movements are always operating under the mechanism: warm-body, then to accelerate. Finally, slow down and rest. The perfect combination between the different movements after only a week you lose weight effectively.

Each exercise takes only 20-25 minutes per day, but the calories are eliminated 40-60 minutes is equivalent to jogging.

And even more amazing is the ability to burn calories persists after several hours of practice. Can understand short, just 20 minutes a day you can eliminate all excess fat accumulation in one day.

Only with these simple steps within a week, you can eliminate large amounts of fat and quick possessions as the supermodel physique.

1. Exercise fitness weight loss effect on 1 jump Jump with Jack

Exercise to lose weight fast in 1 week with Jack Jump dance movements is quite familiar.

Apply now for a slim figure and pretty standard.

Step 1: Stand up straight, legs bunched again. Also located close to both sidearms.

Step 2: Jump on. Simultaneously foot rock side to side, advanced to the first two hands and clap together.

Perform 20 times, enabled continuous dancing.

2. Exercise fitness weight loss-in day 2 with Squat

Step 1: Stand up straight, feet spread shoulder.

Equinus left leg, right leg intact, hands pressed against his hip.

Step 2: leaning down in a sitting position, so that the thigh is perpendicular to the thigh. Buttocks pushed backward. At the same time, lifting his hands up put straight forward. So from head to hips forming a diagonal.

Perform 20 times daily movements and dance moves combined with Jack Jump on Day 1.

3. Exercise to lose weight fast in 1 week, day 3 – Improving

Step 1: Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width easy, close your hands inside the two sides.

Step 2: Run the advanced punching up on foot to improve lap, hit the rear right hand. Her left-hand upfront. Then switch legs, put his left hand to turn back and lift the left leg up. Just perform like jogging in place, especially when lifting the thigh to heel to toe.

Perform this movement continuously day 3 and 20 times, pay attention when performing impact quickly and decisively, but make sure your back straight and hands, legs correctly.

And collective action in combination with 1, 2 every 20 times, 20 times every episode and then set to rest for 3 minutes.

4. Exercise to lose weight in 1 week on 4 – Mountain Limber

Before exercise to lose weight in one week in 4th with climbing exercise, you have a piece of carpet on the floor millet not to be footsore and easier implementation.

Step 1: The person lying on the floor, hands-on straight up, one leg stretched out to touch the floor (like push-ups manipulation, but your hand supporting the body up).

Step 2: Be sure to keep the back and neck straight, tighten the abdomen then toe two toes to touch the floor.

Back is not set too low, then raise the left foot forward, toes do not touch the carpet. This time the focus will be put on the body to the arms and legs.

Step 3: Collect foot back on the starting position and then do the same with the right foot.

Jump on the legs constantly, performing movements 20 times. Combined with three moves on, each movement stays 3 minutes.

5. Exercise lose weight effectively Day 5 – Side Kick

This is like when you’re practicing martial. Stand up straight, feet extended by two shoulders, clenched his hands, bend forward chest.

Step 2: Co-footed rock straight up and to the right while keeping your back straight, without stopping. Legs must straighten out

Done leg draw on and implement continuous 15 times with the right leg kick. Then switch legs and perform 15 times always.

6. Exercise to lose weight fast in 1 week, 6 – Burpees

Step 1: Stand up straight, legs spread shoulder and put his hands out to his sides.

Step 2: Pointed toes, sit down and touching the floor and let front legs.

The foot back into operation Plank, but not against the anti-straight arms perpendicular to the floor.

Stand upright and take two hands to the sky, looking under the hand.

Performing continuous movement for 20 times. However, manipulation must quickly and decisively, buttocks, lower right back.

With the last day, you will get used to the intensity of exercise, should combine all the movements of exercise to lose weight-out of days 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 together and stay about 3 minutes each time motion effects.

The note when performing the exercise to lose weight in 1 week

  • The person you have to start before 30 minutes (running) to heat the body.
  • Perform each operation each, the early days should be done slowly and gradually accelerates forward to trans injury.
  • Eat before exercise to lose weight in one week about 2-3 hours.
  • Diet weight loss science.

A reasonable dining menu not only helps you look at slim waist standards but also provides a source of good health and vitality. It helps maintain longer youth.

Limited dining open containers of oil, fried or spicy. And should not eat starch after 8 pm each day nhé!

For the body to function more efficiently, we should drink each day around 2- 2.5 liters of water. And the date of exercise training intensive weight loss, you should drink more water.

Hopefully with the helpful information above will help you know the manipulation of exercise to lose weight fast in 1 week, and things to keep in mind to soon have a body with 3 laps pretty standard and full of charm.

Beauty knowledge will help you make yourself more beautiful every day!

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