Facial Steps At Home For Glowing Skin

by aztoplistteam | Updated: September 2, 2020

You seem like skincare is quite simple, but that is the completely wrong point of view of many people. Fully synthesize the process of preventing and treating extremely complex skin problems, many stages of possessing healthy and beautiful skin.

You need to learn in-depth knowledge from experienced doctors from reputable hospitals, spas, and beauty salons to help answer all questions related to skin.

Affordable, you are extremely surprised, overwhelmed by the series of new information that has just known, realizing that your knowledge sketchy, and seriously affects skincare.

Specifically, your skincare uses cosmetics that are not suitable for the characteristics of each skin type such as oily skin, combination skin, dry skin, dull skin …

When using a lot of time to take care of the skin, but sad to see it, the skin is peeling or allergic, a rash due to many direct and indirect causes.

In addition, an unreasonable diet is also a product that makes your skin old, barren appear many types of acne, blisters, blackheads….

Now, you are satisfied to solve questions, find a method of beauty and skincare scientifically – safely – more effective than ever, suitable for your skin characteristics and economic conditions.

It’s great that you both save time and greatly reduce costs, do not have to travel far away to luxury spa salons, and still be able to beautify at home or at work, anywhere. free.

Surely this is the wish of millions of women who are busy with work at home and in society, amid today’s hustle and bustle.

But still persistently perform daily, taking a little time to take care of beauty both during the day and day to have smooth, shiny skin, fade freckles, dark spots. black, keep youth.

You become confident to shine, stand out, attract all eyes from the person facing you with a lot of admiration.

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Clean your face with cleanser

This is considered the first step and the most important facial skincare for any skin. After a long night, the skin secretes a lot of oil plus dirt, bacteria on the pillow making the skin become dirty.

Therefore, cleansing your face with cleanser every morning will help you remove dirt and sebum that are hidden deep under the skin layer, making nutrients easier to absorb.

Use special treatment products

If unfortunately, you have skin with acne, peeling, melasma, freckles … you should use some special treatment products to say goodbye to blemishes on the face.

However, for products containing active ingredients BHA, AHA, Retinol, after applying to your face, you should stay on your skin for about 20 to 30 minutes before performing the next steps of the day face care.


Serums provide nourishing nutrients from deep within

Protect skin with sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the last daycare steps you should remember before leaving the house. Many people often ignore this step because they think it is enough to clean and nourish the skin. However, UV rays cause serious damage to the skin, it occurs even when it is cloudy.

If you are regularly exposed to the sun, dirt will damage your skin, clog pores, cause acne, and even skin cancer. So, before going out in the sun, you should apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before going out. Along with applying sunscreen, you should combine with shields with sunscreen, mask, hat to not harm the skin.

Makeup remover for facial skin

If you think that makeup remover is only used when you make up then that is really a wrong view. The correct thing is that you should remove makeup even without makeup. Makeup remover not only helps remove makeup but also removes dirt and bacteria from the skin after a hot day.

You should use an oil-based makeup remover, it both works to remove makeup, dirt, and dry skin. You use a sufficient amount of makeup remover and massage gently onto the skin of your face. Then take a little water on the palm of your hand and continue to massage so as not to stick before moving on to the next step of facials.

Wash your face with cleanser

Many makeup removers don’t get rid of dirt or emulsifiers, so you’ll need to use an extra facial cleanser to make sure your skin has been cleaned completely. This step is quite important for people with acne, oily skin. Because if not cleaned, the pores will be blocked leading to the formation of pimples.

You should choose the right cleanser for your skin type to make sure it doesn’t cause irritation. If your skin is not oily or combination, then use a non-foaming cream, lotion, or gel cleanser. It both works to remove dirt, sebum, excess oil without drying the skin.

Exfoliation helps remove dead patches of dead skin, making room for new skin cells

However, at this step you should not apply regularly, each week should only exfoliate 2-3 times. Too much abuse will cause the skin to be worn out, becoming more sensitive than ever. You can choose the right exfoliating products for your skin or make your own scrub with ingredients.

Use a mask regularly

Facial application is an important step, you should not give up if you want to have young and healthy skin. During the masking process, it will provide essential nutrients to make your skin soft and supple than ever. Moreover, using the mask properly also helps to whiten and lighten the skin tone, balance the entire face tone.

You can choose face masks made from natural ingredients that are both safe and bring good results. Some natural masks you can refer to such as cucumber mask, banana mask, fresh milk, yogurt, honey, lemon …

Depending on your skin type, you can choose the most suitable mask. Remember, you should only cover about 2 times a week, each time for 15-20 minutes!

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Toner or rose water

Many people believe that the use of toners or toners is not necessary because the cleanser already cleans the skin. But each product has a different effect.

In particular, rose water is responsible for balancing natural PH, tightening pores, thereby minimizing peeling, dryness causing acne. In particular, rose water is also a conductor that helps the absorption of skincare products much easier.

Essences (Serum, Essence or Ampoule) have a soothing and anti-aging ability

Eye cream

The eye area is known to the area which is quite sensitive and vulnerable, so it needs special care. Moreover, over time the eye area begins to appear signs of aging that make you become old, ugly. Therefore, the use of special eye cream will give you a great effect if used correctly.

The eye cream contains nutrients that help keep moisture, reduce dark circles, puffiness, and improve wrinkled areas. Currently, there are many different eye creams, depending on the situation of each person to choose the most suitable cream.

When applied to the skin of the eyes, you only need to use your little finger to dot the cream combined with a gentle massage for the nutrients to absorb faster.

Night cream keeps skin healthy and youthful

With a high nutrient content, the night cream provides essential moisture, limiting dryness to keep the skin healthy. After a period of use, the spots, freckles fade to give you natural pink, vibrant skin.

In particular, there are now many night creams that contain antioxidants, collagen to increase firmness, prevent the formation of signs of aging.

Choose products that suit your skin

Using the right skincare products suitable for your age as well as your skin type will help the best care process. Because each skin type has different properties when choosing a skincare product you should pay attention to its ingredients. Not every expensive product will suit my skin tone.

When using any product, stop it if you notice signs of irritation. This indicates that your skin is incompatible with any of the ingredients in the product. To avoid unfortunate consequences, you should not use cosmetics of unknown origin.

Combining scientific facial massage to help blood circulation, the skin becomes rosy

Follow the correct, sequential process

It is no coincidence that the skincare steps are performed according to the same procedure and sequence above. Also because each skincare product has its own effects. Therefore, to take full advantage of the effects that it brings, you should follow the steps mentioned above.

Establish a healthy diet

In steps to properly take care of your face, you should not ignore the incorporation of a strong cold diet. Without a diet full of nutrients will not be considered a perfect skincare cycle. Besides facial skincare outside, you should also combine eating to nourish the skin from the inside.

To keep skin smooth and healthy, you should eat plenty of green vegetables, fiber, fruits rich in vitamin C and drink plenty of water. Avoid eating oily, fried foods to protect your skin. With those on the diet, you can divide into many different meals while ensuring a full supply of nutrients.

Limit stress, get enough sleep

It can be seen that facial skincare steps are extremely important and necessary. It will provide essential nutrients to nourish the face and protect the skin against the negative effects of the environment.

However, you should combine proper facial skincare with a reasonable diet and rest to have healthy skin from the inside out. In particular, you should take time during the day to exercise that is both healthy and beautiful skin as desired.

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about “regular facial care steps at home”, and bring some small value to you. Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!

Beauty knowledge will help you make yourself more beautiful every day!

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