Fraijour Original Wormwood Herb Cream Calming Cream Watery

by AzToplist | Updated: March 26, 2020
The skin of the little girl in the hot summer days is very vulnerable, dry, and gradually aging.

Thus, a cream product is exactly what you need right now.

If too tired to find products suited to their skin. Then now, you can think of cream Fraijour Original Wormwood Herb Watery Calming Cream.

Products will help protect your skin silky and healthy moisture under hot sunny days.

Let watched Fraijour cream review article for any good product, there must be the super product you are looking for so long no?

Fraijour herb cream.

1. Introduction F raijour

Fraijour brand prestige and long years in Korea was established in 1974.

Perhaps many of you hear the name and Fraijour extremely strange and unknown to many in Vietnam. Since this is the domestic brand, specializing in products for people in Korea use contains no export abroad.

What you want to buy from Korea portable thanks to the new.

The products from the company are effective special skin care and 100% natural extracts so extremely benign and non-irritating to sensitive skin.

Therefore when using Fraijour cream on summer days you will not get stuck where urgency or discomfort.

Wormwood Herb cream Fraijour Watery Cream Original review

2. Packaging Design cream Fraijour review

It deserves the domestic product line of the country ranks first in the line of beauty cosmetics.

Cream Fraijour any excesses that extremely simple and subtle. Fraijour plastic jar cream in the form of round, covered by green freshness extremely attached to the white text stands out. Help design more elegant and beautiful.

White part screw cap is extremely rugged and comfortable cream helps maintain better quality.

Especially outside, creamy soup Fraijour box protective paper on the product and the complete record box for your information and reference.

Fraijour cream 90ml convenience of a capacity for long use and convenient to carry when going away.

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3. Texture (Structural cream)

Milky white gel penetrates quickly and does not cause whooping greasy feel when used.

Apply to skin cream will melt rapidly as water and soothes the skin immediately.

Cream in her Fraijour diffuse fragrance of herbs refreshing, gentle, extremely suitable for summer.

4. The composition of the cream Fraijour review

The ingredients contained in Fraijour Original Wormwood Herb Watery Calming Cream comes from natural and extremely good for the skin moisturizer as:

  • Extracts from 7 herbs extremely safe and good for beautiful skin: mint, rosemary, pink tea South Africa, Chamomile, green tea, the leaves of eucalyptus, wormwood help regenerate the skin and controls the oily skin.
  • Contain high levels of beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Mineral bright white nourish and improve skin problems.
  • Aloe extracts help replenish and soothe skin irritations slightly. Elasticity and tighten the skin pores are light and color.
  • Also Fraijour cream also contains two components specializing stimulate skin regeneration AHA and BHA healthy. Gently remove dead cells helps deep clean pores and flying the stubborn blemishes.

5. The use of raijour Cream review

  • Fraijour review Cream provides the moisture and nutrients to the skin deep clean from inside and polished smooth and soft.
  • Gently removes dead skin, clean and control the amount of sebum secretion on the skin.
  • Fraijour cream prevents skin aging and prevents acne formation.
  • Restore and regenerate damaged skin.
  • Support relaxing the skin, treat acne and reduce the hassle and irritation to the skin.
  • Fraijour improve skin cream uneven color, bright white skin.
  • Wormwood Herb Cream Original Fraijour Watery Calming Cream is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Professionals for you do encounter problems hidden acne, acne bran, blackheads.

6. How to use the cream Fraijour review

Using very simple cream Fraijour review.

Use both morning and evening every day. This step is indispensable in the step daily facial care of the sisters.

Get out and put ice cream evenly into the points on the face: forehead, chin, nose and cheeks.

Subscriptions are cream and massage over face off in a circular motion gently for a few seconds. Also pat lightly on to the proper absorption of nutrients.

and left overnight helps the minerals and nutrients to penetrate deep inside the pores, nourishes the skin during sleep and wash it off the next morning.

7. Watery Fraijour Calming Cream Original Wormwood Herb review

Thanks to his sister who donated to his party Han birthday, so I knew to Fraijour cream.

And after you’ve used up because she bought a jar anymore.

When using your sense absorbent gel very quickly and to spread them out. I used every night and especially when your skin grows red light to a lot of acne, use this cream, acne is quite soothing, the swelling and redness are also soothing.

I feel the time is kept moist skin and not dry as before. However Fraijour effective cream white skin, but not as fast as the humidity level, I have to use this child more than 2 months, the new signs are improving skin tone than before motj little. So they always naturally white skin must be hard to persevere in the long run will have good results nhé!

There are some things I have not satisfied the cream í Fraijour by the scent of herbs. I do not like the scent of herbs that much, but just smell when new and after a few minutes to use the scent was blended into the air and no longer smell so I still continue to use the product.

Cream Original Fraijour Watery Cream Calming Herb Wormwood the hot summer days for her does not matter anymore, does not dry the skin but also excellent moisture levels. How much skin you have acne and skin problems by hot weather, you should try them! Be sure to let you experience unexpected.

8. Does cream Fraijour Watery Calming Cream Original Wormwood Herb cost?

With moisturizer products natural ingredients, this benign herb you can fully consider the trial.

Also, you can refer Laneige Water Bank lotion Gel Cream from the brand that provides extremely good cream lines and very popular nowadays. Not only in Korea but raised in Vietnam also very widely used and known.

Beauty knowledge will help you make yourself more beautiful every day!

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