Hair Care In Winter With Home Remedies

by aztoplistteam | Updated: October 9, 2020

Surely countless women often style their hair: “curly different big and small, or want to straighten smooth hair and then change to hair colour, create shine ” often follow the latest trends.

However, after only a short time, your hair deteriorates due to the use of physical relaxants or chemicals that contain many harmful ingredients that seriously affect the health of the hair.

In particular, every winter, cold weather, prolonged dry air plus bad habits of drying hair, washing hair a lot, tying it tightly makes hair damaged, broken, and heavy.

You are worried, afraid, lack of confidence, your hair lacks vitality, chilli can not create the desired hair shape, making your old face unable to conceal defects.

Because of the above reasons, there are countless people looking up information on google, youtube revolves around the topic: “Must take care and nourish hair effectively – safe – most suitable”.

Right now, AZTopList helps you save time and effort to find, reduce costs in the process of hair beauty care.

Through the following article, we share, provide full useful and accurate information, based on research and statistics, extract valuable knowledge from experts, designers, Many experienced hairstylists consult at large seminars and prestigious forums.

Make sure to just follow the instructions, and you will have thick and strong hair with a soft velvet blanket. Help you shine, attract all eyes when communicating with the other person, filled with joy and happiness.

1. Wash your hair properly

The shampoo works to remove all dirt and grease from your hair, but also removes natural oils and makes hair hard and easy to fall out. Therefore, try to wash your hair only 1-2 times a week to keep your hair natural oils.

For girls who have a scalp that is so oily that they have to wash their hair every day, dry shampoo can help. However, improper use of dry shampoo can damage your hair so find out how to use it correctly.

2. Reduce heat to the hair

We tend to shower and wash our hair with hot water in winter, but overexposure to hot water can degrade hair and skin a lot. Therefore, try to adjust the water temperature just right when you wash your hair. Also, be sure to use a hair hood if you want to shower with hot water!

3. Increase in moisture

Increase in moisture

Keeping your hair moist is key in winter hair care so it won’t dry out. You can refer to hair sprays rich in moisturizers or essential oils from natural ingredients.

4. Don’t forget the conditioner

Many women often skip the step of conditioner after shampooing their hair, but this is a very serious mistake. In the process of taking care of winter hair, conditioner becomes even more important because it both helps soften hair and helps to moisturize hair.

5. Avoid using heat tools

Whether it’s a dryer, curling iron or a straightener can all damage your healthy hair, even if you’re in a winter hair care cycle. It’s best to let your hair dry naturally and limit the use of curlers and straighteners. If you need to style your hair, don’t forget to apply the heat protection spray to your hair first!

6. Wear a hat when going out

Wear a hat when going out

External factors can adversely affect your winter hair and hair care processes. Therefore, wear a wool hat or hood to protect your hair from the dry cold air and extreme winter weather.

7. Buy a humidifier

Fireplaces and radiators can drier your hair a lot. Therefore, you should invest in a humidifier and put it in your bedroom to avoid the air not too dry during sleep. Alternatively, you can choose from a small car humidifier or put it on your desk if you want.

8. Regularly cut your hair

Regularly cut your hair

Keeping your hair trimmed regularly will keep your hair healthy and avoid split ends. If you are afraid of forgetting, you can schedule a reminder to visit the barbershop every 2–3 months for long hair and 4–8 weeks for short hair.

9. Eat hair foods

Omega-3 fatty acids work to keep hair shiny, smooth, and healthy. However, your body cannot produce this acid on its own. Therefore, include some healthy foods in your daily diets such as salmon, sardines, avocados and nuts to ensure your body is always full of nutrients.

10. Supplement vitamin C

Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, preventing damage caused by free radicals, overcoming hair loss and keeping your hair smooth. So, you should eat some citrus fruits or dark green leafy vegetables as this is a very good source of vitamin C for the body.

11. Moisturize the body

Dehydration can make your hair drier, more rigid. Not drinking enough water can also slow hair growth, so make sure to drink 3 litres of water per day. In particular, always carry a water bottle with you to remember to drink water regularly.

12. Scalp care

If your scalp is dry and itchy in winter, massage it yourself with coconut oil before shampooing. This trick will replenish oils to your hair and thereby increase moisture.

13. Do not go out when your hair is wet

Do not go out when your hair is wet

Going out of the house with wet hair can cause hair damage due to environmental factors. Your hair is likely to become dry due to cold weather. You should not wash your hair in the morning, as this is a time when it will be difficult to dry before you go out. Therefore, you should wash your hair at night and dry with a cool regime.

14. Steamed hair oil

Steam your hair periodically 1-2 times a week if possible. Steaming your hair moisturizing oil can make a difference during winter hair care.

15. Moisturize at night

The habit of applying essential oils to your hair at night before bed is just as important as using a moisturizer on your face. Choose a hair moisturizer rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Alternatively, you can also wrap your hair in a silk scarf or wear a satin sweater to protect your hair.

Winter hair care tips not only help you to protect your hair but also maintain healthy beauty in wet or dry cold weather. Treat your hair a bit so you can stay beautiful at Christmas and New Year!

WINTER HAIR CARE ROUTINE | No Hair-Fall, No Dandruff, No Damaged Hair | Rinkal Soni

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