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by aztoplistteam | Updated: September 13, 2020

The way to tell if you are oily skin type is based on features such as the T-zone of the chin, nose, shiny forehead, large pores that produce a lot of sticky sebum.

Unfortunately, the multitudes of oily skin type friends are the main cause of acne types.

You worry, headaches because your skin is susceptible to inflammation of harmful bacteria caused by environmental pollution factors. You find it extremely uncomfortable, inconvenient not to wear makeup as expected, must be afraid to avoid limiting the frequent use of lipstick.

Your face is old, dark, and lumpy, making you afraid to communicate with everyone else. That leads to a series of troubles, hindering affecting work, and love story in life.

Because of the above reasons, you are wandering on google searching for information on how to take care of oily skin so as not to get acne? The question has a high number of searches up to the number of millions of people interested in learning.

To answer the above question AZTopList spends a lot of time synthesizing in-depth knowledge related to oily skin. All oily skin problems are consulted by leading dermatologists, sharing the best information.

The purpose of radical treatment, root treatment of oily skin diseases gives you smooth skin, dispels stubborn bruises….

Right now, to save you time and minimize costs in the oily skincare process. Please read carefully the content of the article below, make sure to have enough useful information to help you shine confidently, attract all eyes with a fresh, healthy, and beautiful skin that lasts over time.

What is oily skin?

This phenomenon occurs due to excess sebum secretion, causing pores to expand. To find out if you have oily skin, just wash your face and let it dry for 20-30 minutes. Then, use oil blotting paper to blot your face, if you find it oily, you are dry skin type. On the other hand, if you don’t see any oils or have a little bit of oil, you’re in one of the remaining skin types.

Although oily skin can make you prone to breakouts, it is the least aging skin type. Thanks to the amount of oil secreted, the skin is always moisturized, ensuring the skin is always smooth and thicker. Therefore, oily tanning people often prevent the signs of premature aging caused by age.

What is oily skin?

Causes of oily skin condition

Oily skin is most common in teenagers, but it can occur at any age. However, it tends to decrease with age, especially during pregnancy, hormone changes cause the oil balance to be broken, while increasing sebaceous gland activity.

Oily skin due to excessive excretion

Perhaps oily skin due to this cause is the most common today. Features of this skin type are a glossy surface, enlarged pores, and risk of acne. For this type of skin, you should carefully protect against environmental impacts, combine a reasonable diet, and diligently wash your face to remove dirt, bacteria hidden deep under the skin.

Oily skin due to severe lack of water

In the case of dry and dehydrated skin, the sebaceous glands are also stimulated to release moisture into the skin. With this skin type, you should provide the necessary moisture to your skin, drink plenty of fluids, and eat healthily.

Oily skin due to severe lack of water

Clean your face every day

This is considered the most important skincare step for anyone, especially oily skin. Properly cleansing the skin will help remove bacteria, dirt, and excess oil to help open pores, preventing the appearance of acne. You should choose a cleanser for oily skin, avoid the type that is highly alkaline. After washing the face, balance the pH of the skin with rose water to help cleanse and tighten pores.

Clean your face every day

Exfoliate regularly

Establish a reasonable diet

Besides limiting external oils, eating science also plays an important role. You should eat a lot of green vegetables, drink plenty of water, fruits contain vitamin C, avoid stimulants, fatty foods, fried … In addition, grains, black beans, royal jelly … also is a great source of nutrients for your skin.

Exercise and sports

Exercise and sports

Don’t forget to remove makeup before going to bed

If you are a person who regularly wears makeup, never skip the makeup removal step. If makeup is not cleaned, it causes clogging of pores, the skin is susceptible to premature aging and the formation of pimples. Therefore, you should choose for yourself a specialized makeup remover for oily skin, extracted from nature to avoid skin irritation.

Hope the above information that AZTopList shares will help you answer the question of oily skin? How to take care of oily skin to avoid pimples. Knowing about this skin type will make it easy to come up with a suitable and effective skincare plan.

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