How to clean sticky range hood?

by AzToplist | Updated: March 13, 2020

Using a hood is a solution to keep the kitchen always open and clean. But also because of this device often falls into the state of greasy and unpleasant smell. If you do not know how to remove grease on the hood effectively, refer to the suggestions below! Today AZToplist invite you to refer to this article together!

1. Grease removal benefits on hood properly

The air in the kitchen and the oil smoke cause a lot of health hazards. Therefore, periodic degreasing for a hood is not to be missed. This not only keeps the air fresh but also offers the following benefits:

Help the hood more durable

Whether buying a genuine, modern hood, you need to decrease your equipment regularly. This not only makes the kitchen space always clean but also helps to increase the shelf life and durability of the product.

Grease removal benefits on hood properly

Increase the efficiency of suction

In addition to applying the deodorizing methods to the kitchen, the grease removal in the hood will help the mesh become airy, increasing the airflow. Since then the device runs smoothly and deodorizes well.

Help the machine always new

Cleaning the inner surfaces and components will keep the machine fresh in both appearance, aesthetics and operability.

Avoid damage, breakdown during use

Dirty grease both inside and outside the hood is a major cause of common problems when using this device.

Detect promptly damage, problems of the machine

The process of degreasing on a hood is also the time when the abnormal signs of the machine are most noticeable. If using brand Canzy hood, hood, hood Electrolux celebrities or brands have a long warranty, you can immediately notify the dealer for technical assistance.

Save more electricity

Save more electricity

Instead of switching to a more powerful mode, degreasing in the hood will help the machine not to operate at a high level, while ensuring fast running, good suction, and saving electricity.

2. Before proceeding to clean the hood

Regardless of the method of degreasing on the hood, before you do it, you need to note the following:

Determine the type of hood

Depending on the type of machine, there are different materials and designs, from which there are different ways of installing, dismantling and cleaning.

Identify the filter material

If made from paper or activated carbon, you need to change it periodically depending on the frequency of use. If it’s metal, just clean it.

Prepare hygiene tools

Include damp water, clean cloths, and non-toxic cleaners. Besides, there are many ways to remove grease on the hood without using chemicals such as: using vinegar, lemon, coffee grounds.

3. Cleaning steps to remove grease on the clean hood

3.1. Unplugged

To avoid dangerous incidents, electrical fires should be unplugged before cleaning.

3.2. Remove the sieve

Remove the mesh and then soak in warm water to make the stain soft and easy to clean.

3.3. Clean the sieve

Use a soft cloth and a special detergent to wash off. Use dishwashing liquid to clean stainless steel mesh, specialized soap to clean aluminum mesh.

3.4. Clean inside the machine

The most effective way to clean grease in a hood is to remove the parts and clean every detail. First, you need to remove the activated carbon griddle, clean the fan blades, and then clean the charcoal griddle. Note:

  • If the griddle is plastic, you need to remove the plug and remove the old coal, then clean the griddle, add new charcoal.
  • If the charcoal griddle has both plastic and cloth, cut the fabric layer, clean the plastic and replace the charcoal, then glue another replacement cloth.
  • If the charcoal grill has been used for more than 6 months, you need to remove the old one and use a new one to reinstall.
  • If you do not use the suction mode with activated carbon, you can remove it to vacuum directly.

3.5. Wipe dry and reinstall the parts

Wipe dry and reinstall the parts

Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe all surfaces of the device, fan, and charcoal grill before reinstalling.

Cleaning Challenge: Sticky residue on the range hood

4. Note when degreasing on the hood

  • Unplug before cleaning or have any contact and interference with the device.
  • Identify the correct model and type of device you are using to clean the hood properly.
  • Identify the right filter material for proper cleaning.
  • Depending on the cooking habits to clean the machine appropriately. Usually, clean the machine every month, replace coal after 6 months, maintain the machine after 1 year.
  • Ensure that the surface of the components inside and outside the hood is dry before reinstalling.
  • Use soap and water to clean the glass to add shine to the device. For those who apply the cleaning of grease in the hood with natural ingredients such as using baking soda to clean the hood effectively or tips, make sure they do not damage the parts of the machine.
  • Use soft towels, warm water, and gloves when cleaning.

The methods of degreasing on the hood are also useful for your multi-function kitchen appliances, thereby helping the kitchen stay bright and hygienic. Hope you are successful.

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