How to get rid of rats peppermint oil?

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Thanks to the special scent, peppermint oil chases mice quite effectively. However, to ensure effective use, you need to learn how to perform and choose quality products to ensure efficiency! Today AZToplist invite you to refer to this article together!

1. Is peppermint chasing effective?

There has been scientific research to find out and evaluate the ability of peppermint oil to repel mice. Accordingly, experts have affirmed that pure and natural peppermint oil is effective for your living and living space.

The method of this method is to use menthol to drown out the pheromone smell of mice. Mice use Pheromone as a marker to guide their fellow humans.

When the smell of peppermint appeared, the pheromone smell was drowned out, the odor was no longer clear, the mouse could no longer navigate the path and the access area.

Using peppermint oil not only works to effectively repel rats but also prevents rats from sniffing the smell of food.

Is peppermint chasing effective?

Because the smell of peppermint oil prevented mice from sniffing or identifying food smells correctly. This is also one of the prominent uses of peppermint oil is applied most today.

2. 4 ways to use peppermint oil to repel mice

You can quickly consult how to use peppermint essential oil to chase mice effectively as follows:

2.1. Use cotton balls soaked in essential oils

Dip a peppermint oil in a small cotton ball and place it in hidden corners where mice can enter your home. This use effectively prevents and repels vermin. But the shelf life of this way is short. About 2 days the mint scent is gone. To continue using you will have to soak more menthol into cotton.

2.2. Mix essential oil with detergent water

During daily or routine household cleaning, you can add peppermint oil to your family’s safe household cleaning products. In this way, the mint scent will be brought to every corner of your home space.

This is a highly appreciated way of doing it because you will both clean your home and prevent rats from being effective.

2.3. Use peppermint oil spray

Here’s how to use menthol when you only need to perform in limited areas. And this area does not require you to perform hygiene. This method is also applicable to cases where it needs quick action to chase mice.

You need to buy a convenient and compact mist sprayer mixed with clean water and menthol to make. The perfect and guaranteed phase ratio is 1: 1. After mixing you shake well and spray in the area you want.

2.4. Diffuse peppermint oil

You will need to buy an advanced technology oil diffuser or you can use a convenient, safe essential oil burner to ensure the best chasing effect. If your home is small, use an oil burner, if space is larger, then a diffuser should be used.

Diffuse peppermint oil

How to use both products is quite simple. After adding water to the container, add a few drops of peppermint oil. Turn on the boot to start working.

3. Note when using mouse repellent essential oil

To ensure the effect that mint oil gives to the user, you should note the instructions for use on the product packaging. In addition, when used in practice you should also note the following:

3.1. Do not use essential oils when pregnant

If in the home, the area where the rat should be pregnant, you should stop doing so. Peppermint or other essential oils are not good for pregnant women.

3.2. Use 100% pure essential oils

Make sure you are using genuine and pure peppermint menthol. If the quality of the essential oil is not guaranteed, it will affect the effectiveness of chasing mice.

To find out where peppermint oil chases mice to buy, you can find out more at the helpful information sharing sites.

3.3. Do not mix with other essential oils or other substances that degrade essential oils

The fact that you try to add other essential oils with peppermint oil will not guarantee the effect as expected. There are even many cases that backfire. So, consider before making extra dispensers to use.

3.4. Choose the right position

Need to determine the right place menthol to be effective. Incorrect placement, the effect of chasing mouse has not come, sometimes you have to make more times.

3.5. Leave a line for the mouse to leave

Do not try to block all routes of retreat for the mouse, leave a path for the mouse to leave. If not, instead of being chased out of the house, the rats will turn around, hiding in the house to sabotage.

3.6. Be aware of the problem

Peppermint oil only works to keep the mice away.

Be aware of the problem

Using mint oil to repel mice is one of the simple and effective ways you can do it easily. By ordering the right pure and natural essential oils is also one of the first steps to proceed away from mice.

How To Get Rats Out Of Your House With Peppermint Oil

Besides, in order to protect living space and to eradicate the root, you should add other ways to do it!

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