How To Know Your Skin Type

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Are you planning to buy cosmetics to treat facial diseases and skincare, beauty care?
At the same time, you want to buy more makeup items such as concealer, powder, powder, lipstick for daily use when going to work, going out, special occasions such as going to weddings, big parties. , opening a store of acquaintances and friends …
Beauty issue is an important job, always been interested in millions of women around the world. Most, everyone wants to have pink, smooth, shiny skin like a baby’s skin that will last through the flow of time.

To do this, you need to choose the right product with the best effect, the first step is to determine which group your skin belongs to?

However, you yourself do not have the basic knowledge of how to recognize the correct skin type. Then there are cases of using cosmetics, makeup containing ingredients that cause skin allergies not only destroy the skin but also seriously affect the skin health.

To avoid spending a lot of money and time, the beauty process does not bring the desired results. AZTopList staff collects a comprehensive collection of useful information around extremely important topics: “Experience quickly determines, which of the five groups do you belong to normal skin, combination skin, oily skin, dry skin?

You do not need to go to a spa, a high-end salon, professionally use machines to directly impact the skin of the face, and still determine the skin type.

The experience is very simple, just observing with the naked eye, touching with your hands to feel skin features on the face that are dry, peeling or sticky, shiny in the T-zone, frequent itchy rash caused by allergies, and many more ways.

Please refer to carefully read the article below to add useful knowledge and skin-related issues, which are enthusiastically answered by experts and doctors. What kind of people do I know how to choose cosmetics, makeup, and eating right.

You need to persistently follow the instructions below, making sure that after just a few weeks your skin will be young, healthy, beautiful, and forever young. You are confident to shine, attracting all eyes to everyone’s admiration and praise.

1. Normal skin type

Normal skin type

Characteristics of normal skin

The skin usually possesses the elements of perfect skin, because the skin structure is well balanced, neither too oily nor too dry, creating an adequate skin barrier.

If you use oil absorbent paper without seeing any excess oil spots on the paper, congratulations on having a naturally beautiful skin that many people wish for. If you apply the right basic skincare steps, you can maintain beautiful and beautiful skin for a long time.

Signs identify normal skin

  • Skin texture: smooth, moist, fine elastic.
  • The amount of oil and water is well balanced.
  • Pores: Nearly absent or very small, difficult to see.
  • Color: bright pink, shiny.
  • Skin condition: healthy, less irritated, sensitive, spotless.

Makeup remover product suitable for normal skin

For normal skin, you will easily choose a makeup remover because this skin is not “dull” like sensitive skin. You can choose a water-based, milk-soft, and cream-based makeup remover because of its mild, well-cleansing properties that keep the surface of the skin dry.

2. Combination skin type

Combination skin type

Features of combination skin

Combination skin often appears pouring oil in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) due to overactive sebum glands but dry or normal on both cheeks due to lack of lipid layer (natural oil layer). Also because of the “hybrid” of different skin properties, caring for this skin type also makes her a little harder than normal skin.

Signs identifying combination skin

  • Skin texture: T-zone (T-zone) shiny skin, normal or dry cheeks.
  • The amount of oil and water is not evenly distributed.
  • Pores: Pretty large and large.
  • Skin condition: Easy to get blackheads, nose bran acne, acne, blemishes on both cheeks.

Makeup remover product suitable for combination skin

Usually, combination skin should not use a dry surface such as water or a moisturizer such as a makeup remover. The most suitable makeup remover for synthetic skin is a makeup remover gel, not too thick, not too loose, but still deep clean.

3. Oily skin type

Oily skin type

Features of oily skin

Oily skin is one of the skin types that makes women have a headache, suffering from excessive oil secretion, appearing every “front” on the face. This condition will clog pores, causing acne problems, dark spots, and dark spots if not cleaned and cared for properly.

Signs identify oily skin

  • Skin texture: shiny, dull color.
  • Excess oil secretion but lack of water.
  • Pores: Big and prone to blackheads, bran acne.
  • Skin Condition: Weak, irritable, sensitive, prone to hidden acne, swollen acne, inflammation.

Makeup remover product suitable for oily skin

The need for deep cleaning without drying is a top priority for this “difficult to love” skin, makeup remover oil is the right choice for the above requirements.

One thing you may not be aware of, oil-based makeup removers can dissolve in oil, so your skin is cleaned deep into the pores. According to some studies from a dermatologist, makeup remover oil is considered to be the product with the highest cleaning ability compared to other types. Moreover, the speed of cleaning and removing makeup and dirt is faster than gel, wax, or makeup remover.

However, you should be aware that, when using oil-based (oil-based) makeup removers, focus on a double cleansing method to thoroughly emulsify the excess oil left on the skin. .

If unfortunately, your skin is too sensitive, makeup remover can also be considered as a viable alternative to the days when you only use sunscreen.

4. Dry skin type

Dry skin type

Characteristics of dry skin

Usually, dry-skinned girls have pretty jealous skin when they are young, but they are at risk of aging faster than other skin types because of poor sebum performance. Since then, the skin suffers from a natural lack of moisture, fractures, wrinkles are easier to form than other skin types. In particular, wrinkles will appear in areas that often show emotions such as the tail of the eyes, puffiness, mouth grooves, cheeks, forehead.

Signs of dry skin

  • Skin texture: dry, tight, less elastic, easy to flake off.
  • Oil and water are both in shortages.
  • Pores: Very small, almost invisible.
  • Skin condition: Easy to dry, flake, burning pain when friction, roughness, redness, irritation.

Makeup remover product suitable for dry skin

Women with dry skin can choose a thick, thick, moisturizing, and deep clean makeup remover like a makeup remover. Alternatively, you can use makeup remover if your skin is sensitive, wear only light makeup, or just use sunscreen.

To get a proper and scientific skincare cycle, you try based on the above signs to quickly “diagnose” the skin type that you own. From there, you will easily choose the right makeup remover that is right for your skin without worrying about irritation. When you know the problem and thoroughly solved the problem right from the first cleaning step with a makeup remover, this is a smart and economical way of beauty!

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