How To Lose Upper Body Fat

by aztoplistteam | Updated: October 7, 2020

You do not have regular exercise every day, inadequate diet, plus genetic factors and age are the main causes of obesity.

You are feeling ashamed, afraid of the oversized appearance with dense layers of fat on the body parts such as the legs, thighs or behind the upper and lower abdomen.

Worse than obesity causes a multitude of diseases related to the heart, blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer that seriously affects health.

Because of the above reasons, you quickly find a method to remove excess fat but it’s difficult. Each person has a different location, the correct way to lose weight may apply to one person but not work for another.

You need to find out why you gain weight, the body is not more or less balanced, and classify the types of obesity based on how long the organs accumulate fat.

From there, you will easily solve all the problems related to obesity with the safest and most effective method. Ensure that only after a short time, you will have a beautiful standard body, repel disease, which many people wish for.

Right now, AZTopList provides a full range of useful knowledge shared by fitness coaches and experienced nutritionists. Helping you save time and minimize costs in the process of losing fat to make your baby healthier and more beautiful.

1. Excess upper body fat

Excess upper body fat


This type of fat usually begins to accumulate when the calories you burn are lower than the calories you absorb. Therefore, the main causes of this type of fat are overeating and a sedentary lifestyle.

How to burn fat :

  • Exercise is the “golden key” to help you get rid of this excess fat because the lack of physical activity is the cause of fat accumulation in the upper body. Walking, running or swimming for at least 30 minutes a day will be of great help.
  • The next thing you need to do is immediately stop consuming too many sugary foods and drinks. Sweet foods and drinks make you feel full but also cause you to accumulate unnecessary calories.

2. Extra fat in the lower abdomen

Extra fat in the lower abdomen


Stress, depression and anxiety are the main causes of fat accumulation in this location.

How to burn fat :

  • Try to reduce stress and learn to relax. The stress hormone cortisol causes fat to build up in the abdomen, so it’s perfect for you to meditate or do gentle breathing exercises.
  • Try drinking green tea. Green tea is a wonderful “killer” of excess fat. In addition, drinking a hot cup of green tea when you are stressed will also help you calm down.

3. Excess fat in the lower bod

Excess fat in the lower bod


One of the reasons your thighs get bigger may come from a diet high in gluten. If you are dissatisfied with the “oversized” size of your lower body, you may consider consuming less gluten in your daily diet.

How to burn fat :

  • The first suggestion is to walk up the slope or stairs. This is very helpful in burning excess fat and toning your thigh muscles.
  • Don’t skip breakfast as it will help your metabolism get started. Without breakfast, you will feel hungry throughout the day and that makes you tend to eat more.

4. Abdominal fat

Abdominal fat


Drinking a lot of alcohol and other alcoholic beverages will make you more likely to gain belly fat. So, if you want a flat stomach, you should start with controlling your drinks right now.

How to burn fat :

  • Limit alcohol and alcohol consumption. Because the calories produced from these drinks accumulate as fat. Not only that, but alcohol is also a cause of other health problems.
  • Divide your daily portion sizes into smaller portions to eat more often. This will help improve your metabolism, which will help you maintain better energy. Plus, your belly will look smaller after every meal.

You can read the article Alcohol abuse and immeasurable harm to know the harm that this type of alcohol causes to your health.

5. Excess fat on the trunk and lower extremities

Excess fat on the trunk and lower extremities


This type of fat is most common in women who have had varicose veins or edema during pregnancy.

How to burn fat :

  • To prevent the danger of swelling, you need to stop eating foods that are too salty, because salt is the cause of water retention in the body.
  • Don’t sit in one position without being active for more than 30 minutes. Try to get up and walk often. If you get the chance, lie up straight and keep your feet elevated, this will help prevent fluid from accumulating in your leg.

6. Abdominal fat with excess back fat

Abdominal fat with excess back fat


This usually happens because you are sedentary. Start exercising immediately if belly fat and excess back fat makes you feel troublesome.

How to burn fat:

  • Make sure you get enough sleep. Lack of sleep causes a disturbance in your hormones that makes you crave more, leading to a buildup of excess fat mainly in the abdomen and back.
  • Eat plenty of fibre-rich foods. These foods will help you reduce your appetite and limit the absorption of calories from food, thereby making your abdomen and back slimmer.

Remember, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle will be very beneficial for your health, especially for keeping fit.

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