How To Make Beautiful Nails At Home

by aztoplistteam | Updated: November 27, 2020

In order to possess the perfect perfect beauty, surely countless women not only pay attention to skin and hair care but also pay attention to every small detail on the body.

In particular, the careful care of strong nails and nails, embellishing with colourful and attractive patterns is a basketball boom in today’s modern and civilized society.

Because, you should think about if the toenail is dull and dirty and the defects when the clamping action causes the nail to become plaque with black lines or yellow nail syndrome or pitting caused by psoriasis. a condition that causes dry, red, and irritated skin …

That, affecting the aesthetics and psychology of boredom, lack of confidence, guilt or anxiety, people comment on hands with alligator nails. You do not know how to take care of long nails, trim art decorations to catch up with the new trend to show a youthful, luxurious style or who does not take care of yourself …

The above bad consequences make you immediately search all information on google, youtube related to nail and nail beauty care.
At the same time, there are many people looking up a series of questions such as notes to know and tools to prepare in the nail care and beauty process.

To help you solve that mentality and answer all questions in the fastest, most time and money-saving, AZTtopLis staff and dermatologists are ready to provide all knowledge useful.

All of them are fully detailed in the process in the article below with illustrations and videos that are extremely easy to understand and practice.

Please read and remember to follow the instructions carefully. Make sure that after just a few minutes, women will have a set of healthy, beautiful, pink and white nails, satisfying all women’s wishes.

1. Instructions on how to make a simple nail at home

1.1. Tools to make nail at home

Before the procedure, you need to prepare enough and correct tools for manicuring. Nail tools play an important role, contributing largely to the success of your nails when you paint yourself at home.

  • Nail files, nail clippers, nails.
  • Nail polish
  • Coatings, primers
  • Rub
  • Cotton swab
  • Adhesive plaster
  • Stone (if needed)

1.2. Basic steps to do a nail at home

The most basic steps to do a nail at home

The most basic steps to do a nail at home

If you are nailing yourself at home for the first time, you should only make the simplest nail samples (smooth nail patterns) then learn how to paint flowers, stonework. With all nail templates go through the following basic steps:

Step 1: Trim your nails

You wash your hands with warm water. Then use a nail trimmer, cut it evenly, not cut nails long short.

Note: The longer the nail, painted and shaped, the more beautiful and easy the nail style will be.

Step 2: File the nails

You use a file to gently file each nail, beautiful.

Step 3: Soak your nails with warm water

After filing, clean the cuticles by soaking your hands in warm water. Soaking time is 1-2 minutes to clean the cuticles, remove dirt.

Step 4: Primer

Use a primer to gently apply a thin layer over each finger, then let dry.

Step 5: Coating

Choose a paint that matches your skin colour or favourite paint, then gently apply it on your nails. Apply 2-3 times to get the colour standard, evenly coloured nails. Then let dry.

Step 6: Paint gloss

Once the nail is dry, gently coat it with a glossy polish. This step helps the nail look beautiful, shiny and will last longer.

1.3. Instructions on how to draw simple nails

1.3.1. How to create a checkered nail

How to draw beautiful, romantic checkered nails

How to draw beautiful, romantic checkered nails

This is a nail painting style that brings femininity and romance to girls planning to go to a party or date.

To make this nail pattern you need: Paint coating, balm, paint light pink, paint yellow, paint blue, tape.


  • Step 1: Paint the nail polish on the nail and let it dry.
  • Step 2: Take the tape, cut each small piece about 3mm wide and lengthwise along the nail surface.
  • Step 3: Use light pink paint to paint on the left side of the tape, let it dry, then peel off the tape. Continue using blue paint, painting a line across the tips of your nails.
  • Step 4: Take the brush and gently slide a thin white line towards the base of the nail. Next, apply polish on the nail surface.

1.3.2. How to draw polka dots

How to draw and nail a sweet and gentle polka dot pattern

How to draw and nail a sweet and gentle polka dot pattern

This way, you will work pretty much like smooth nail art. This nail style will create accents, the nails are prettier and suitable for feminine and gentle girls.


  • Step 1: Apply top coat and let dry. Continue using base paint in your favourite colour.
  • Step 2: When the base coat is dry, use a different paint colour that stands out more than the base colour. Use a bamboo toothpick to dip it into the paint bottle and dab it on the nail to create a circle of polka dots.
  • Step 3: Apply varnish to the nails to keep the colour, nails beautiful and more durable.

1.3.3. How to draw 4-leaf grass

Steps for making 4-leaf grass pattern

Steps for making 4-leaf grass pattern

This nail pattern is quite light, elegant and feminine. The girls can refer to and try to paint this sample by themselves.

Preparation: Paint dark green, lacquer white, brush.


  • Step 1: Paint the nail balm, let it dry, then paint pearl white paint on the nail.
  • Step 2: Dip into a dark green paint bottle with a brush. Then use the tip of the brush to draw 4 small hearts on the nail. Draw in circles to form a 4-leaf grass and leave a small dot in the middle without paint.
  • Step 3: Draw a small curve between 2 hearts as flower stalks. Add small white tiles to the bottom of the heart to make it more vivid and eye-catching.
  • Step 4: Let dry then paint the polish.

So you can confidently do a nail at home with the instructions above. With smooth nails, it is quite simple. But with flower nails, more motifs you need to pay attention to how to draw, match the colour to suit the best.

1.3.3. Ombre nail pattern

Ombre nail polish is an emerging style but has quickly attracted the attention of many young people. Currently, there are very few articles that teach cosmopolitan nail polish at home because this nail polish is a bit fussy and time-consuming.

Stepping down the street, you easily meet stylish girls in different clothes meeting in one Ombre point. They can sit together and chat for hours without stopping, sharing experiences with this type of nail polish so that it is beautiful, so durable …

Materials to prepare to learn nail polish in this type: at least 02 nail polish bottles of the same color but with different density (it is recommended to use nail polish products from brand cosmetics brands); nail polish; lacquer, absorbent cotton; cotton swab and acetone.


Step 1: Wet the sponge then squeeze dry about 80% so that it can be absorbed easily on the sponge surface.

Step 2: Start drawing paint on the sponge with the darkest horizontal lines, then fade, fade and finish with a lightest horizontal line.

Step 3: Use a cotton pad to paint dots on the nails. You can dot over and over again without worrying about colour damage on the nails; Even such dots also help you to create more new Ombre colours than originally expected.

Step 4: Treat the surrounding stains with a cotton swab soaked in acetone.

Step 5: Wait for the paint layer to dry, you can reapply one coat to keep the main paint more durable and beautiful.

2. Notes when making DIY nail at home

When making your own nail at home, you should note the steps taken, choosing the paint colour

When making your own nail at home, you should note the steps taken, choosing the paint colour

To make your own nail at home, you need to keep in mind the following essentials to have beautiful nails:

  • Follow the correct home nail salon process with the following steps: Nail trimming, filing, hand soaking in warm water, balm, paint and topcoat.
  • Choose and match the right colour when making flower nail style, studded with stones.
  • It is recommended to use primer and varnish before and after painting the nail polish to be durable and beautiful.
  • Do not paint while the nail is wet and the nails must be dry before handling objects.
  • Do not use paints that have dried, thickened, lumped or painted that is too thin.

Making nails at home is not too difficult, but the nail is not beautiful, keeping the colour long, durable as outside the salon. The reason is that the paint does not have enough adhesion, colour standards and is not dried by LED or UV light.

Therefore, you should go out to the nail salon to have beautiful, diverse and durable nail designs.

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about “how to make beautiful nails at home”, and bring some small value to you.

Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!

Beauty knowledge will help you make yourself more beautiful every day!

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