How To Remove Deep Blackheads

by aztoplistteam | Updated: November 5, 2020

Are you looking for information on forums, groups on how to take care and tips of the most effective and safe blackhead treatment?
At the same time, you ask many questions such as the correct advanced procedure in countries around the world applying skincare?
What are the notes on treating blackheads and the experience to have a young, healthy, beautiful skin applied by major hospitals and many spas?
The indispensable need for health and beauty care has always been interested in millions in a developed civilized society.
Based on statistics at hospitals and spas, the number of people visiting and treating skin-related diseases is increasing.
Blackheads around the nose, forehead, chin and sometimes the cheeks appear more and more at all ages.
The cause of blackheads is due to factors such as hormone changes that will cause the amount of sebum to spike, polluted smog and dust cause the skin to sweat more. unreasonable eating, unscientific living habits….
These nasty blackheads are the number one enemy that causes countless obstacles that seriously affect work and all activities in everyday life. You feel bored, insecure, anxious, or insecure when communicating with others.

To help you relieve the above psychology and save time and money in the process of skincare and acne treatment. AZTopList‘s staff has gathered useful insights from experienced doctors who have consulted and shared at conferences in major countries on skincare and acne treatment.

Welcome to read the article below and remember to persistently follow the instructions, ensuring after a few weeks you will get rid of the oldest stubborn pimples, erase scars, even if they are petty, very relieved.
Better yet, you get a smooth, healthy, beautiful white skin that lasts at the same time.

Should we squeeze blackheads?

Blackheads are clogged pores in the skin, the cause of blackheads is due to dead cells, oil and bacteria. Blackheads appear more on the face and nose because there is more oily oil than other areas.

Tell you how to squeeze blackheads safely and effectively

Tell you how to squeeze blackheads safely and effectively

Squeezing blackheads will make the skin damaged and not lose the pimple. Using your hands or some kind of tools to squeeze will create favourable conditions for bacteria to penetrate the pores and attack the pimples, causing them to become inflamed and cause pustules.

In addition, when using a great amount of force to squeeze pimples, it can cause the pores to become larger and then the acne will grow more. Therefore, if you want to treat blackheads, you need to follow and apply the correct acne squeezing method.

A few notes when performing blackhead shaping that you need to know:

  • Should squeeze old acne spots.
  • Before squeezing, it is necessary to kill bacteria on acne pickers and clean hands.
  • The best time to squeeze acne is at night. Because this is the time the skin is relaxed and less exposed to external dirt.

Safe steps to squeeze blackheads

In order for the process of squeezing blackheads without leaving dark scars along with the effects on your face, you should follow the following procedure:

1. Clean and steam pores

Before doing this, you need to clean your face with a cleanser, makeup remover or saline to prevent bacteria from entering. Then steam in a pot of hot water, the hot steam will help your pores to expand and soften.

A steam bath helps your pores to expand

A steam bath helps your pores to expand

2. Apply a natural mask to soften your face

To avoid damaging the skin, you can use natural extracts such as potatoes and milk and apply to the face for a period of 15 minutes. The natural masking will provide moisture to the skin to make the skin soft and acne-prone more easily pushed out.

3. Sanitize hands and clean pimple tools

Disinfecting hands and compressing tools is an extremely important step that should not be overlooked. If your skin is thin and sensitive, if it is not cleaned, it will cause the blemished area to continue to grow and damage the skin.

It is recommended to clean the tools and wash hands before proceeding

It is recommended to clean the tools and wash hands before proceeding

So it is important to ensure sterility by using alcohol to remove tools. In addition, you should also choose the tools to shape carefully and appropriately. In addition, you should also wear medical gloves to perform blackheads.

4. Proceed to squeeze acne

First, you need to use a pimple dispenser or two fingers to gently press the sides of the blackhead. Use a tissue or cotton swab to block between the hands and blackheads. Absolutely do not press directly on the pimple.

Use your fingers to massage around the pimple, during the squeezing process should not use too much pressure to avoid damaging the skin or possibly bruising the skin.

Should squeeze clean both roots and roots, need to remove clean blackheads out.

If the skin is bleeding during the squeezing process, quickly apply a cotton ball to the stain to prevent bleeding into other areas of the skin.

Do it gently to avoid using too much force to avoid damaging the skin

Do it gently to avoid using too much force to avoid damaging the skin

5. Skincare after squeezing acne

After squeezing, the skin will be red so you should not wash your face immediately, wait 10-15 minutes and then wash your face.

Use alcohol-free rose water to tighten pores, along with moisturizers to make skin softer. Carefully shielded every time you go out to avoid direct sunlight.

In addition, you can add masks that are moisturizing to replenish the nutrients lost in the process of squeezing acne. Some natural masks you can use such as honey, oatmeal, olive oil, baking soda, …

How to prevent common blackheads

To prevent blackheads effectively, here are some skincare ways that can help you prevent blackheads effectively and are commonly used by women such as:

  • Use oil-free cosmetics: This is an oil-free cosmetic for oily and acne-prone skin. Using this product will help your skin minimize the potential for acne.
  • Periodic exfoliation: Dead cells are one of the reasons that clog pores and are very easy to form blackheads. Exfoliation is a way to help prevent blackheads and get rid of dead cells on the skin. Just do an exfoliating routine 1-2 times a week. Note should not be bleached too many times can cause the skin to wear out.
  • Moisturizing mask: You can use masks extracted from natural ingredients such as honey, oats, egg whites masks, soft mud or clay masks to help absorb greasiness. Good and clean pores.
  • Choosing a cleanser: Choosing the right cleanser for each skin type is extremely important to avoid irritating your skin.
Do exfoliate up to 1-2 times per week

Do exfoliate up to 1-2 times per week

  • Squeezing blackheads will help you get rid of stubborn pimples, but not making a habit of picking up pimples often will make your skin worse. So the best way is to go directly to a dermatologist for advice and choose the appropriate treatment.

Deep Blackheads Removal By Dr.Lalit Kasana

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