How to stop fridge smelling when turned off without using a long time?

by AzToplist | Updated: March 14, 2020

Refrigerators are not used for a long time, making the odor stick very uncomfortable, affecting the food in the refrigerator. How to eliminate odors.

Today AZToplist invite you to refer to the following 15 easy-to-use long-term deodorant tips to return the clean, sweet atmosphere to the refrigerator!

1. How to remove long-term fridge odor with fresh lemon

To eliminate odor in the fridge quickly and simply, fresh lemon is a solution that housewives can apply. Just cut the lime into slices, place it in different positions in each compartment of the refrigerator.

How to remove long-term fridge odor with fresh lemon

The essential oils and aromas found in lemons not only eliminate odors but also give your refrigerator a pleasant aroma.

2. Deodorize with alcohol

Refrigerators contain many foods that cause odor or are not used for a long time, and they will smell very uncomfortable. One of the ways to help reduce the smell of the refrigerator that you can apply is deodorizing the refrigerator with alcohol.

Pour some wine into an open plastic glass and place it in the fridge, alcohol vapor in addition to disinfecting effect, eliminating odors sticking in the refrigerator, it also works to create a pleasant scent.

Deodorize with alcohol

In addition, when cleaning the refrigerator, you should use alcohol towels to wipe the last time to the refrigerator to be cleaner and more fragrant.

3. Orange, tangerine, and grapefruit peel

In addition to fresh lemon, orange and tangerine peels also have the ability to deodorize long-term refrigerators not very effective.

Essential oils in orange, tangerine peel, and its passionate aroma will help to eliminate the long-lasting odor in the refrigerator, effectively eliminating mold and bacteria.

Just put orange peel, tangerine in the compartment of the refrigerator, you will see flying away unpleasant odors instead of a cool, pleasant aroma. When the peels and tangerines start to dry, you should replace them with new ones.

4. Pineapple

Pineapple is not only a delicious, nutritious fruit, but it also has the ability to deodorize very effectively.

You can use pineapple to deodorize pineapple when the season, low price. Just peel the skin, cut into large pieces, and put in the refrigerator.


Not only is it antibacterial, deodorizing, but the mild aroma of pineapple will make the atmosphere in your fridge very pleasant.

5. Deodorize long-term refrigerator not using tea

Green tea or tea is a food that has good antioxidant and bactericidal properties, so many people apply it to deodorize the fridge, the results are great. Just pack the tea bag or place it in a cloth bag and place it in the fridge.

The essence and mild scent of tea will be able to eliminate long-lasting odors in the cupboard.

Deodorize long-term refrigerator not using tea

6. Deodorize the refrigerator with baking soda

Having mentioned cleaning, deodorizing without mentioning Baking Soda, it is indeed flawed. Baking soda has the ability to effectively remove odors from fridges but is very simple.

Deodorize the refrigerator with baking soda

Just like how to deodorize a microwave with baking soda, you just need to put a little in a small but uncovered box, then put in a small corner in the refrigerator, baking soda is able to absorb the odors of odors fridge.

When the cabinet is well ventilated and smells off, you can remove the mixture.

7. Deodorize effectively with coffee powder/coffee grounds

Instead of buying good coffee for mixing, remove the residue, now drill it out, because the coffee grounds or pulp can effectively deodorize the refrigerator.

Put coffee pulp or powder into a small jar, put in the refrigerator compartments, not only can it absorb the unpleasant odors in the refrigerator, but the unique aroma of coffee also helps the refrigerator. Yours becomes a lot more sweet and pleasant.

8. Deodorize the refrigerator with vinegar

Very simple, just put vinegar in a small jar, do not cover, put in a corner of the refrigerator, you will find your home’s fridge become airy and fly away from the very wonderful smell.

Vinegar has the ability to kill bacteria and remove odors from the inside of the cabinet very effectively. The ingredients are easy to find, the way to do it is simple, just one jar of vinegar can make your home refrigerator clean and fragrant.

9. Use clean cotton towels and natural flavorings

In addition to the aforementioned ingredients, cotton towels also have a very good deodorant that housewives can apply.

Use clean cotton towels and natural flavorings

Clean towels, neatly folded, and put in the highest drawer in the cupboard. Cotton towels, when placed in the refrigerator, will help absorb unpleasant odors into the fabric holes.

A simple material, easy to implement and able to deodorize long-term fridge is not as effective as cotton towels, there is no reason that housewives do not apply immediately.

10. Charcoal deodorizes the refrigerator

One of the interesting and effective ways to deodorize a refrigerator is to use charcoal or activated carbon.

The charcoal is crushed and put into cloth bags, then put into the refrigerator compartments, after a while the odor in the refrigerator will disappear quickly, making the cabinet more airy and comfortable.

In addition, when you use charcoal to deodorize, you can help foods retain a delicious taste, not sticking to the smell.

11. Bread

One of the foods that are close and also have a good deodorant that you can apply is bread.

Put bread wrapped in foil, then use a toothpick to pierce small holes in the bread wrapped in foil, put in the refrigerator, it is capable of absorbing odors in the refrigerator very effectively.


If you do not have the money, you can put the bread in a small box, cover with small holes of ventilation, and put it in the refrigerator.

12. Deodorize with salt

If you do not know how to deodorize your refrigerator, the following tips will be very helpful for you. Salt is not only a spice but also has the ability to effectively eliminate the long-lasting odor in the refrigerator.

Deodorize with salt

Just mix salt and water in the right proportion, then use a clean cloth to wash the refrigerator with saltwater, you will see the smell in the cabinet disappears quickly, bacteria and mold will be destroyed, the refrigerator is much cleaner and cooler.

13. Deodorize with tomato juice

Deodorize with tomato juice

You may not know that tomato juice is also effective in deodorizing the fridge.

Very simple, use a clean towel, soak in tomato juice, then use that towel to wipe every corner of your refrigerator, then use a clean towel and warm water to clean the refrigerator.

With just a few simple steps, your home refrigerator has become cool, deodorizing.

14. Deodorizing activated carbon refrigerators

Activated carbon has the ability to deodorize, kill bacteria in the refrigerator very effectively. You can buy activated carbon, open the product, and put it in the fridge.

Deodorizing activated carbon refrigerators

With the ability to deodorize, antibacterial, activated carbon will help your refrigerator become airy, pleasant, and no longer unpleasant odors.

With the ability to remove all types of odors sticking in the refrigerator, activated carbon is a way to eliminate odors that you should apply.

15. Dried oatmeal

Another ingredient that can effectively deodorize a fridge is oatmeal. Just put the oats in the jar, do not cover and put in the refrigerator, after a day you will find your refrigerator no longer has unpleasant odors, the refrigerator becomes surprisingly well-ventilated and pleasant.

Dried oatmeal

How to Clean a Smelly Fridge


Above are 15 ways to deodorize long-term refrigerators that are not very simple and effective, used by many housewives.

It’s annoying and tiring when you buy a nicely designed refrigerator, good quality but with the unpleasant odor. Quickly apply the above tips to keep your family’s fridge clean, ventilated, and clean!

Beauty knowledge will help you make yourself more beautiful every day!

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