How To Whiten Body Skin Fast Naturally

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Surely the majority of women like to wear sexy short skirts, showing off long legs with a shoulder-length shirt or a cup of the chest, revealing their slender bare shoulders.

However, the above desires to have perfect beauty, the confidence to shine have been prevented, blown away by dark, dry flaky skin plus scars or acne spreading all over the body.

The common problems of ugly crocodile skin that people often encounter due to many reasons such as local conditions, sunburns, habitat, hormonal imbalance, diet and unscientific activities …

They not only greatly affect the appearance but also make psychological anxiety, boredom bring many troubles in life such as school, work and love breakdown.

Because skin-related diseases on the body cause many serious consequences, you need to find yourself a safe, effective and economical solution to take care of your body, especially using natural ingredients. are the most popular today.
Women can easily buy or find familiar foods, herbs, and fruits in the kitchen of every family, but they have countless wonderful effects on health and beauty.

According to research scientist analysis, ingredients in the food source are extremely rich, providing adequate nutrients such as fibre, calcium, abundant vitamins, essential minerals for the body.

More specifically, the use of natural ingredients is a miraculous secret to help women own smooth, bright, youthful, healthy and beautiful skin.

However, there are still some skincare cases that encounter many basic mistakes such as improper mixing, indiscriminate ingredients or bathing with natural ingredients too many times to cause skin peeling. peeling skin, allergies.

To help women take good care of themselves, get more useful information about body care and save time, reduce costs in the process of searching for holistic beauty.

A team of AZTtopLis staff and experienced dermatologists provide, share, consult with in-depth knowledge on all issues surrounding hot topics, natural treatments and body care right here home.

Now invite you to refer to the article below and remember to patiently follow the instructions! Ensure that after only a few weeks, the sisters will be surprised by the optimal nourished and restored skin.

1. White bath with red bean powder

Red bean powder has a very good effect in whitening the skin all over the body

Red bean powder has a very good effect in whitening the skin all over the body

Red bean powder is not only a cooling product, reducing cholesterol levels for the body, but also many women use to whiten the skin. Red beans are rich in fibre, iron, antioxidants and especially vitamins such as C, E, B1 … Apply or whiten bath with red bean powder to both help exfoliate dead cells and aid in preventing aging, treating melasma. , dark, tighten pores to brighten smooth skin.

How to make red bean flour

How to white bath with red bean powder

Method 1: Use red beans and lemon

Method 2: Use red beans with fresh milk

2. White bath with orange and sea salt

Everyone knows that fresh oranges are especially rich in vitamins, which are good for the skin, and can change the skin tone if used persistently. Not only that, oranges are also rich in thiamin, folate, phenolics, carotenoids, vitamin A, and vitamin C that work to clean pores, support the treatment of blemishes, acne, and nourish white skin from deep inside.

Oranges also help prevent aging, promote the body to produce collagen. Fresh oranges combined with sea salt have both an exfoliating and nourishing effect, stimulating the skin change process to naturally brighten the skin.


3. Use coconut oil to whiten bath

Coconut oil not only helps to condition eyelashes and hair but also whitens the whole body

Coconut oil not only helps to condition eyelashes and hair but also whitens the whole body

Coconut oil has the effect of lengthening eyelashes, making hair healthy, moisturizing, and whitening skin safely and effectively. The reason coconut oil can help whiten skin is that it contains a lot of lauric acids, which works to soothe and heal bruises, preventing the skin from forming harmful bacteria and fungi. In particular, coconut oil is rich in vitamin E and minerals, making the skin white, soft, and firm.


Method 1: Use coconut oil and lemon juice

Method 2: Use coconut oil and unsweetened yogurt

4. Whiten skin with coffee grounds

Using coffee grounds is also a natural white bath at home that is popular with many women. In coffee grounds contains a large amount of caffeine, the main effect of this substance is to stimulate the growth of skin cells.

In addition, coffee grounds also contain antioxidants vitamins and minerals, can aid in exfoliating, blurring dark spots. When combined with other ingredients such as fresh milk, coconut oil, and honey, it both nourishes the skin from deep inside and creates a protective layer on the outside to help smooth and healthy skin.


Method 1: Use coffee grounds and fresh milk

Method 2: Use coffee grounds with fresh orange juice

5. Natural whitening bath with rice bran

You can use rice bran or rice water to wash white

You can use rice bran or rice water to wash white

Rice bran not only can make the skin smooth but also brightens the whole body. Because it contains many vitamins E, B1, B2, B and fulvic acids, phytic acids, rice bran has the ability to exfoliate, regenerate and control skin pigmentation, remove sebum on the skin to help brighten skin. . You can use rice bran powder or rice bran water to bring remarkable effect in natural whitening baths.


Method 1: Use rice bran flour

Method 2: Use rice bran water to nourish your skin

6. Use white bath oatmeal

Oatmeal also cures many vitamins E, B vitamins, fibre, and amino acids that exfoliate the skin, provide moisture, prevent aging, and whiten skin. Oatmeal has gentle properties and is suitable for both acne-prone and sensitive skin. Normally, to increase the efficiency of white oatmeal baths are often used in combination with red bean powder, rice bran.


7. White bath with green tea powder

Green tea powder contains EGCG which helps in anti-oxidation and anti-aging very well

Green tea powder contains EGCG which helps in anti-oxidation and anti-aging very well

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, contains vitamin C, vitamin B to help limit acne, whiten the skin from the inside, provide nutrients for healthy skin. Not only that, green tea contains EGCG, a plant-derived nutrient of epigallocatechin gallate, capable of absorbing tannin, anti-oxidant, antibacterial, and removing black pigmentation in the body, thereby helping to effectively nourish the skin.


Method 1: Use green tea with yogurt without sugar

Method 2: Use green tea, rice bran and honey

8. White bath with aloe vera

Aloe vera or aloe works very well in preventing acne and fighting to age. Aloe vera gel contains lots of water and nutrients to provide moisture, restore wrinkled, rough, lifeless skin while maintaining smooth, shiny skin. Not only that, aloe vera is also rich in vitamin A, B vitamins and mineral ions to help disinfect, clean sebum, regenerate new skin cells, prevent pigmentation, improve skin darkening to help brighten skin. course.


Method 1: Use aloe vera with water to wash the rice

Method 2: Use pure aloe vera

9. Natural whitening bath with beer

Beer is fermented from barley, contains a lot of vitamin E and vitamin B. Therefore, using beer not only helps to lift tone and moisturize the skin but also can balance the pH of the skin, inhibiting the forming acne-causing bacteria, preventing dark spots due to the presence of a small amount of lactic acid during fermentation.


Option 1: Use beer and fresh milk

Method 2: Use beer and eggs

10. White bath with tomato

Tomatoes help increase skin elasticity, anti-oxidant, smooth white skin

Tomatoes help increase skin elasticity, anti-oxidant, smooth white skin

Like the products mentioned above, tomatoes are also rich in vitamin E and minerals, very good for the skin. In particular, tomatoes contain substances that makeup vitamin A such as betacarotene, lycopene, which have antioxidant properties, prevent sun exposure, and prevent UV rays. Using tomatoes will help maintain the health of skin cells, thereby helping to keep the facial skin smooth, ensuring good elasticity.


Method 1: Use tomatoes with honey

Method 2: Use tomatoes, yogurt without sugar, fresh lemon

11. White bath with olive oil

Olive oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, can support skin regeneration, prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, nourish and restore the skin from deep inside. In olive oil, it also contains antioxidants and saturated fats that help moisturize the skin and prevent aging, making the skin firmer.


Method 1: Use olive oil and yogurt

Method 2 : Use olive oil and lemon

Method 3: Use olive oil with shower gel

12. How to white bath with pearl powder

Pearl powder has a very good effect on whitening the whole body

Pearl powder has a very good effect on whitening the whole body

MSG has long been known for its whitening effects, protecting the skin from the effects of external factors. Not only that but also pearl powder helps increase elasticity, prevent aging, maintain the smoothness of the skin.


Method 1: Use rice bran, olive oil and pearl powder

Method 2: Use pearl powder with seaweed powder

13. White bath with perilla leaves

Perilla leaves contain vitamins A, B, C and many nutrients that are good for the skin. Work to prevent the synthesis of melanin pigmentation on the skin to help prevent dark spots, help improve freckles, dark spots, dark spots. From there, it helps restore sunburned skin, nourishes white, pink skin radiant from deep within.


Method 1: Use perilla leaf juice

Method 2: Steam perilla leaves

14. How to naturally whiten the whole body with yogurt

Using whitening bath yogurt is a simple, easy-to-do natural body whitening method that saves a lot of money. In yogurt contains lactic acid and many minerals such as zinc, calcium, vitamin AC, E, B12, probiotic … Has anti-oxidant effects, provides moisture, exfoliates, prevents dry, cracked skin, controls control the amount of oil under hair follicles, tighten pores.


Method 1: Use yogurt and fresh lemon

Method 2: Yogurt and vitamin E

Notes when bathing a white body at home

Notes when bathing a white body at home

Notes when bathing a white body at home

To achieve the effect of whitening baths, women need to pay attention to the following issues:

Above are some safe, easy-to-do natural body whitening ways to naturally whiten the skin and bring positive changes to the skin. Hope the information that we share will help you quickly own a natural, vibrant white skin.

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