Guide to charge Macbook properly quickly and increase durability is not fast bottle

by AzToplist | Updated: March 1, 2020

MacBook which is a very popular product from Apple. Understanding how to charge Macbook properly will help increase machine life as well as better efficiency.

1. Instructions on how to charge Macbook properly

1.1. How long will the Macbook charge be full?

With battery parameters can be used continuously for 9 hours in a row, the Macbook battery needs to be used and properly charged to protect the machine’s life and maintain maximum efficiency.

Typically, Apple electronics products will take 5-6 hours to fully charge. You should pay attention to fully charge the device before using, overnight charging also helps your device always full of batteries for a new working day.

How long will the Macbook charge be full?

The average Macbook charger only takes 4-5 hours to fully charge each use (Source:

1.2. How long is the best time to buy a new MacBook

When you first buy your computer, you will need to pay special attention to how to properly charge the Macbook to start up the battery, expand and be able to get used to operating the machine gradually.

For the newly purchased machine, you should use up the available battery and put the device to sleep mode before you start charging for the first time.

When comparing the Macbook with many other laptops, the charging time for the first time is also different. At full charges, you should pay more than 8 hours or more before using it. You should pay attention to this cycle at least for a week when buying the device.

1.3. Is the Macbook good for charging and good use?

Other than many worries about charging and using will be dangerous, the battery just charging and re-use is the recommended method with Macbook.

Just charging will help the device achieve maximum performance, helping the use of energy is maintained stability, keeping the device durable. Stable battery life is also one of the advantages that attract customers to buy Macbook.

1.4. Should Macbook charger plugged in constantly?

As recommended by Apple, you should plug in Macbook whenever possible.

You do not need to worry about broken batteries or having problems with your device’s life because manufacturers have calculated and set the ability to automatically disconnect the battery when the battery is full, helping to protect the device safely when you plug in the charger without using it.

In addition, continuous charging will help ensure the battery is always maintained, helping to save charging times.

Should Macbook charger plugged in constantly?

The manufacturer’s recommendations are both charging and using it to increase the performance of the device

2. How to charge and discharge Macbook battery properly

One thing you should pay special attention to is to avoid letting the laptop completely run out of battery before charging, which will affect and reduce battery life extremely fast.

If you are afraid to plug in the charger while using, you should also pay attention to the device when the battery is only at least 5-10% to reach the best efficiency.

In addition, you should only discharge the battery about once a month, use the battery in the machine until 7-8% remaining, plug and use the charger normally.

How to charge and discharge Macbook battery properly

Need to charge MacBook properly

3. Mistakes when using a Macbook battery

3.1. Unplug the battery when the battery is 100% full and plug-in again when the battery is exhausted

This is a mistake that many people make when using a laptop because they mistakenly believe that the device will be protected if the charger is small.

However, unlike many laptop products from other brands, this practice will make the power used directly from the battery more, the battery is constantly discharged and discharged making the device prone to the phenomenon of battery bottle damage. the battery.

3.2. Remove the battery and use only direct power

The manufacturer absolutely does not recommend that you remove the battery from the device, especially if you remove it yourself. Using power directly instead of the battery actually makes the maximum performance of the machine significantly reduced compared to the use with the battery.

Not only that, removing the battery at your own risk may interfere with normal activities. If you really want to remove it because there is no need to use it, you should take it to a store for the technician to perform and keep the battery power source at an average level.

3.3. Do not periodically discharge batteries for laptops

If you’re wondering how long your MacBook will charge, you can simply charge it constantly during use to keep it running smoothly.

However, once a month, the device still needs to be discharged properly so that it can be automatically calibrated and fixed to increase the time and duration of use.

Do not periodically discharge batteries for laptops

The continuous charging plug for the device will help improve the durability of the device better (Source:

With just a few small steps and attention to use, your laptop can have the maximum usage time with the best features and longevity.

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