Makeup Mistakes We All Do

by aztoplistteam | Updated: November 26, 2020

Many newcomers do beauty treatments for the first time, do not have in-depth knowledge, hide facial flaws and make many mistakes from basic to complex in the makeup process.

In addition, because tools and cosmetics are not guaranteed such as broken chalk, dry eyebrow mascara, broken lipstick … Or due to time limit, you are too in a hurry, accidentally make up the wrong position. Extremely unfortunate mistakes have made the face older than the real age and look very ugly like a dirty painting.

The woman’s face does not exude the flawless beauty and inner soul of the woman, even looks frighteningly aggressive or the skin has other problems such as peeling allergies, rashes. …
The above negative consequences seriously affect health and aesthetics and also cause a sense of inferiority complex when meeting people.

Therefore, a series of searches on Google, you are all around the topic: common makeup mistakes and fast and effective fixes.
To help women both save time and effort to find the most satisfactory answer and save more money when knowing more emergency tips for broken cosmetic items.

Our team of az staff and experienced makeup artist are ready to share with you useful information to help you get the perfect face you want.
Please start reading the article below with extremely easy-to-understand illustrations with detailed videos on how to avoid common mistakes in the makeup process and the most effective way to fix them.

Makeup when non-skin

This habit is really damaging to your skin. Don’t think this is a skincare bug as it is also a basic makeup error. Even though today, some foundation creams have integrated skincare functions, but experts always recommend you care before applying makeup.

This not only protects the skin but also makes the makeup much smoother. When your skin is not taken care of before applying makeup, the foundation is easily mouldy and your dry face appears even more thoroughly. No matter how urgent, at least moisturize and use sunscreen before applying makeup.

Make-up errors leave lipstick on teeth

One of the most common mistakes when making-up is leaving lipstick on the teeth.

Red lipstick is the favourite lipstick colour of most women, everyone has a  lipstick in their pocket. Women often use pure red, bright red, exuding a seductive beauty. But there is a special thing that, although bold lipstick and lipstick all the lips, but leaving any lipstick on the teeth is a makeup error that not everyone knows.

Not only red lipstick but no matter what lipstick colour your make-up, your girlfriend should not put lipstick on your teeth.

One way you can get rid of this problem is to suck on one finger, then the excess lipstick will follow the finger out, leaving no marks on the teeth.

Addresses an issue where make-up worries that lipstick will get into teeth

Addresses an issue where make-up worries that lipstick will get into teeth

Error make-up choose the wrong foundation cream colour

Makeup is like skincare, meaning you must always listen to your skin. Never choose a foundation or foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone. This is a rule that not all girls do right.

The most natural way of makeup to keep your skin shiny and smooth is to choose a foundation that is equal to or darker than your skin tone.

Please remember to choose a foundation that suits your skin tone!

Please remember to choose a foundation that suits your skin tone!

Errors make-up eyebrows when the eyebrows are too much

Although you know that you often get annoyed with messy eyebrows, girls should not pluck them arbitrarily. Just pull out a few excess fibres, then mainly use a brush to brush the eyebrow shape.

You need to take care of your eyebrows according to a pattern, you shouldn’t pull them arbitrarily.

Trim your eyebrows according to your predetermined pattern, don't take your girlfriends at random

Trim your eyebrows according to your predetermined pattern, don’t take your girlfriends at random

The make-up error created too many blocks

Another common make-up error is excessive block generation.

You will never see a French woman with high volume nose or hollow cheeks and highlights. The truth is, the more volume you create in your makeup, the harder it will make you look and age a lot. All you need to do is use a moisturizer, which will make your face look moist, shiny and full of vitality.

Don’t try to style too much, your nose may not be tall, but don’t make it look taller but make your face stiff and a few years older.

Girlfriends also need to refrain from creating volume for the face

Girlfriends also need to refrain from creating volume for the face

Mistakes to leave makeup overnight

If you knew how badly putting makeup on your face overnight really does, you will probably give up on that idea. The night comes is the best time for skin to function and exchange.

When the skin is covered with makeup, the pores will not have a chance to flush toxins, accumulating a huge amount of dirt, thereby becoming the biggest risk of burning acne. And that is why you must regularly remove makeup before going to bed to keep your skin naturally healthy.

Never forget to remove makeup no matter how tired you are!

Never forget to remove makeup no matter how tired you are!

No makeup on the neck:

When applying makeup, many people focus on makeup on their face and forget the neck. This habit creates a clear colour contrast between the face and neck. The best way to fix this problem is when you put on makeup, you need to remember to apply powder to the lower part of the neck, evenly spread the chalk on the jaw to create a harmonious similarity between the face and neck.

Mascara with LEM

Mascara with LEM

Smudged mascara is a common make-up mistake, especially every time you apply your lashes. To fix this, you can use a cotton ball and dot to create a liner for the eyes. This way, you can both save money and help your eyes become more mysterious.

For the lower lids, you can turn this smudge into smoky eyes. Just a few simple steps with a makeup brush, and you have a unique eye makeup part.

Eye cream

Eye cream

If this is the case, use your finger or brush to spread over the area above the cheekbones and use a highlight. Of course, this trick works only with bright, shiny pastel colours.

Makeup on dry skin:

Makeup on dry skin

Many women make the mistake of putting makeup on their completely dry skin. If you want to apply makeup to this skin, you need to take care of them very carefully.

The first step is to exfoliate once a week and apply moisturizer to hydrate the skin. Women with extremely dry skin should apply moisturizers, toners and primers before applying makeup. Also, do not use powder for dry skin, instead use cream products or consult a specialist.

Apply matte lipstick on dry lips:

Apply matte lipstick on dry lips:

If your lips come off after applying lipstick, you are probably using a matte lipstick that doesn’t moisturize your lips first. Like your face, you should exfoliate and moisturize your lips once a week.

Also, apply a layer of lip balm before applying lipstick. The primer won’t affect the matte effect, but it will also help the matte lipstick look and stick for longer.

 Erroneous cheek beat

Blush powder brings a fresh, seductive look to help your girlfriend more attractive. But when you use too much rose powder, it becomes catastrophic. Use a cotton ball or a gentle powdery powder right on the cheek powder you just hit or apply a thin layer of powder on your cheeks, which will help fade the pink blush more naturally.

Using too much highlighter

“Highlighter” is a cosmetic with a light colour, emulsion or non-emulsion, that can catch well under the light, making your makeup more radiant and sparkling. Because it can bring a more eye-catching skin effect, most girls after makeup will “intentionally” add a lot of highlighting powder. However, this is a makeup mistake that must be abandoned immediately, because:

Using too much highlighter 

Using too much highlighter

+ Do not overdo the highlighting powder for a face, especially when you have a bare skin that is not too salty or your foundation is not really perfect. Then Highlighter will become a specialist reporting these defects!

+ Highlighter is only beautiful when it is approved by thin and thin “streaks”. To do this, you must be very light and use the appropriate brush. AZ Recommended using fan brushes for large areas, such as cheeks, bones below cheekbones, forehead, lower brow brow brow brow brush and highlight brush.

+ When using highlighters, you should only apply them in some areas that need highlighting on the face, such as: the skeleton under the eyebrows, the sides of the eye, the wave of the nose, the upper cheek, the lower cheekbone, upper lip contour.

+ The Highlighter trend in recent years is to use powder containing emulsion rather than matte type as before. Popular Highlighter colours are nude, pearl or with a gold base.

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid | Ali Andreea

Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about “makeup mistakes we all do”, and bring some small value to you.

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