How to Rejuvenate Your Skin Naturally?

Born to grow up and grow old, it is an indispensable law of life that anyone in this world cannot change, we can only change in that way by prolonging youth. Your skin works the same way as with our age or our own bodies, we can’t make our skin as young as we did when we were kids, but we can slow down the ageing process or … Read more

How to lose belly fat in 3 days naturally?

Lose belly fat within 3 days and you hear this and you will find it really fanciful, a myth or in other words, a very absurd thing because rupture is a type of fat that forms over a lot of time. For months and years, we cannot lose fat immediately. To properly understand how to lose belly fat in 3 days we can imagine reducing the waist size … Read more

Chia Seeds Side Effects You Should Know When using

Nuts have always been one of the foods recommended by nutritionists because the amino acids and minerals in them are both very good and safe for health. Not only contains good protein or sugar ingredients, but also these nuts are very easy to use and easy to incorporate into your meals. You can easily grind or simply use ripe seeds picked from the tree without any processing. In … Read more

What is the effect of Plank? Plank practice is good or bad or not?

Are there any exercises that do not require exercise that still be effective? When you hear this question, it makes no sense, but there are exercises you do not need to be active to achieve an effective calorie-burning as hard exercise. This is because muscles have three basic states: muscle contraction, muscle relaxation, and air holding. This exercise is to put the muscle in a state of holding … Read more