Recipe Tomato Mask For Skin Whitening

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Facial skincare solutions with natural ingredients such as herbs, vegetables, and fruits have superior advantages, are extremely economical, highly effective and safe for all skin types.

Among the countless ways of beauty and treatment of skin-related diseases, using tomatoes is the top priority choice favoured by millions of women everywhere.

Because tomatoes are food with high nutritional value, there are many great uses for health and beauty care.
Tomato beauty treatments, whether processed for food, smoothies or directly masking tomatoes combined with natural ingredients are extremely good for the face.

According to the latest research by scientists, tomatoes contain a lot of antioxidants and vitamins that are beneficial to the skin such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, carotenoid, potassium, iron …

The precious nutrients in tomatoes not only treat acne, balance pigmentation to help fade old stubborn scars but also work against ultraviolet rays to prevent skin cancer. Enzymes in tomatoes help to exfoliate dead skin cells, limiting the risk of skin allergies when applied on the face.

At the same time, Vitamin C in tomatoes can stimulate collagen production, helping to improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin. Many people also realize the effect of collagen when applying tomatoes on the face is anti-aging. , prevent wrinkles, increase moisture, younger-looking skin.

Besides the miraculous benefits, there are still some minor downsides that if overusing the tomato mask too many times, it will counteract, causing the young cuticle on the face to lose its resistance.

Some first-time users make the same basic mistakes as combining tomatoes with natural ingredients that have not been scientifically validated or blending in the wrong ratio leading to allergic skin rash, itchy peeling.

To help you both save time, reduce costs and add more useful information about tomato facial care recipes with easy to buy ingredients, available in nature.
AZTtopLis with experienced dermatologists, sharing the knowledge you need to know through the article below. Remember to build habits, persistently follow the instructions!

Ensure that after a short time, you can make your skin bright, smooth, shiny like a baby’s skin with a beautiful young face radiant, relaxed spirit, and confidently shine to attract all eyes when communicating. with the opposite person.

I – Why tomatoes have whitening effects?

Popular in many countries around the world, tomatoes have long been a food that is used in many nutritional dishes every day to high-class restaurants.

However, many studies also show that the complex of nutrients is rich from vitamins A, B, C,…. and iron, zinc, magnesium, found in tomatoes can be utilized as ingredients for effective skin whitening.

Why tomatoes have whitening effects?

The reason that tomatoes have whitening effects is that in it integrates many active ingredients that have antioxidant effects, exfoliate dead cells, moisturize, and supplement micronutrients to help collagen fibres healthy, closely linked, … as follows:

With this comprehensive skincare and skincare benefits, you shouldn’t miss this easy-to-find, inexpensive yet incredibly useful ingredient!

II – 10 ways to whiten skin with simple tomatoes at home

Currently, there are many beauty recipes from tomatoes created by women. However, in order to bring out the best bright and smooth skin, here are 7 skin whitening tips that have been tested for safety, with good results:

1 / How to whiten skin with tomato and sugar

Sugar is extracted from sugar cane in the form of small crystals, so it has an extremely effective exfoliation effect. Therefore, when taking advantage of sugar in the facial whitening formula, it will help the skin absorb more nutrients than just using tomatoes.

How to whiten skin with tomato and sugar

#Proceed as follows:

Every week you should apply alternately 3 days at a time for the fastest results.

2 / White bath with tomato and honey

To soothe irritated or sunburned areas, you need to pay special attention to this area of ​​skin that is anti-inflammatory, hydrating and increases the internal resistance of skin cells.

White bath with tomato and honey

And a natural ingredient that has an extremely effective anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and moisturizing properties, you can take advantage of that combination is honey.

Combining honey and tomatoes together will help the skin quickly recover, the layer of dead skin cells caused by sunburn will be peeled off, stimulating the formation of new young skin cells.

# Steps to natural white bath from tomato – honey:

Do it 2 times a week for the sunburned skin to quickly restore the original bright tone.

3 / How to whiten skin with boiled tomatoes

For those of you whose skin is quite sensitive that is easily irritated with honey or brown sugar, you can apply immediately to lighten the skin from boiled tomatoes.

How to whiten skin with boiled tomatoes

# Details of steps to whiten the skin from boiled tomatoes:

Apply regularly 3 to 4 times to quickly rejuvenate, smooth as desired.

4 / White bath with tomato and fresh milk

It is not surprising that yogurt joined the whitening bath recipe of tomatoes. The abundant amino acid is combined with beta carotenoids from tomatoes to help increase collagen production, effectively regulate the amount of sebum on the skin.

White bath with tomato and fresh milk

# Guide steps as follows:

Fresh milk and tomatoes are benign, so you can increase the frequency to 3-4 times a week.

5 / How to whiten hands from tomato and lemon

The hand skin is the area that receives a lot of harmful ultraviolet rays, so it is often dull compared to the face or body. However, no need to worry, using tomatoes in combination with lemon will help you quickly own pink white, even-coloured hand skin.

How to whiten hands from tomato and lemon

The reason why lemons are chosen because the acidity available from lemons will remove impurities, dirt, dead cells, and sunburn that has been stuck on the skin for a long time.

# Instantly learn the recipe for skin whitening from tomato – lemon:

Do the above method up to 2 times a week for healthy white skin, but not peeling or peeling.

6 / How to whiten skin with frozen tomatoes

For oily, slightly darker skin and large pores, using frozen tomatoes will be a secret you should not miss.

How to whiten skin with frozen tomatoes

# Preparation materials:

# Steps to be taken:

Persistent use will see the skin-tight, white pink, no greasy phenomenon like before applying.

7 / Facial whitening method with tomato and yogurt

In addition to fresh milk, yogurt, when paired with tomatoes, will double the strength of nourishing pink skin thanks to the large content of vitamins C, A, fermented lactic acid.

Facial whitening method with tomato and yogurt

In parallel, the support from tomatoes will help your skin increase resistance, detoxify and assist in preventing signs of aging such as wrinkles, brown spots and freckles.

# Materials required:

# The simple implementation is as follows:

If your skin adapts well to tomatoes and yogurt you should increase frequency to every 2 days.

8 / The secret to whitening skin with tomato and salt

Similar to sugar, salt has the ability to remove dead skin, seriously damaged by bruising or sunburn.

The secret to whitening skin with tomato and salt

Should take advantage of a little sea salt will help your skin quickly tone, “say no” with dirt, oily skin, helping to immediately own smooth white skin.

# Preparation materials:

#Share the formula as follows:

Apply on average about 2-3 times a week!

9 / Tips for skin whitening with carrots and tomatoes

Carrots are “paradise” possessing nutrients not only good for health but also excellent smooth white skin. Using tomato and carrot juice will help your skin quickly rejuvenate and rejuvenate as expected.

Tips for skin whitening with carrots and tomatoes

#The procedure is as follows:

10 / Whitening bath with tomato and turmeric starch

This is a recipe shared by many women on forums, applied regularly according to the instructions below, you will quickly get smooth, even white skin.

Whitening bath with tomato and turmeric starch


Persistently apply 1 to 2 months, you will feel effective.

III – Some notes when whitening skin with tomatoes

Tomatoes have been shown to be effective in skin whitening, but to ensure the desired results, readers should not miss the following important notes:

1 / How many times a week should you use tomatoes?

Many people have viewed such as using more is better, beautiful skin is healthier. But in fact, that is completely wrong, effectively counteracting the effect of tomatoes, making the skin weak and easily irritated, catching the sun.

Many experts have recommended depending on the health of each person’s skin and some combination of ingredients, the frequency of taking white bath tomatoes will vary.

For healthy skin, use up to 2-3 times a week, weak skin should be 1-2 times a week.

2. White bath with tomato at any time?

The ideal time for the skin to maximize absorption of yogurt’s nutrients is from 8 to 9 pm before bedtime. Because at that time, the skin is in an absorption state, not affected by factors such as the sun,….

In addition, you should only leave the tomato mask on the skin for 15 to 30 minutes, do not wash it off too soon or too long because it will make the skin not absorb nutrients.

3. Other notes when using tomatoes

In addition, you should pay attention to the following issues:

Although tomato skin whitening is effective, it requires a lot of preparation, it takes a long time to see the effect. As a result, it is very difficult for busy women to persevere in this way. So, what is the best solution? Subscribe to the next part now!

I rub Tomato slice every night & look what happened to my face, Tomato Facial Scrub+Tomato face mask

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