Running Technique For Beginners

by aztoplistteam | Updated: October 22, 2020

Referring to the topic of exercise, there are countless methods of practising with many different tools such as yoga, there are a practice mat and rope or a form of the gym that needs tools like weights and other modern machines.

To buy fitness accessories requires a large amount of money, no one can afford it, so countless people choose to run the top priority is the current trend. , replace the above methods.
You can jog around the park, long paths to breathe the fresh air, harmonious with nature and heaven.
More importantly, you are still healthy, fighting disease, losing weight quickly, things many people wish for.

However, runners are often misconceptions, seemingly extremely simple. They run by instinct, according to their own thoughts.
After a while, persistent pain in the joints, muscle swelling, tissue swelling in the weight cavity of muscle groups is seriously affected.

Because of the above consequences that millions of searches of technical information run properly on google, youtube skyrocket in just a few seconds. Same question, but a variety of information from newspapers and websites written by many authors.

Everyone pondered and wondered about any source of information that has been verified, based on reliable science. To help you save and solve all questions, save time on searching.

AZTopList staff and experienced fitness coaches are pleased to receive in-depth advice on all aspects of running.

Read the article below to avoid the most common basic and complex errors in the running process. You just need to remember to practice jogging according to the following instructions, will ensure safety, and promote the fastest effect.

That is the greatest happiness when you have a healthy body, full of energy, a spirit and a good physique. You confidently communicate with the other person and work and study more effectively.

1. Look straight to practice jogging properly

Your eyes should look straight ahead and focus on the ground about 3m – 6m away from you. You also shouldn’t just look down at your feet without noticing your surroundings. This proper jogging technique will help you see clearly what is happening in front of you to avoid falling. Looking directly at you will be able to avoid vehicles, pedestrians, trees, electric poles, obstacles.

Look straight to practice jogging properly

2. Relax your shoulders for proper jogging

Your shoulders should always be held in the most comfortable position possible or your upper body slightly forward. If you hunch your shoulders and your back forward too much, hunchback can cause your chest to tighten, making it hard to breathe. It will be a lot easier to breathe if your shoulders are relaxed.

Relax your shoulders for proper jogging

During your run, you also need to check if your shoulder is too stressful due to the heavy lifting of your shoulders. If so, you should squeeze your shoulder blades to bring your arms back comfortably and lower your shoulders.

3. Relax your hands comfortably while running

Relax your hands comfortably while running

When running, keep your arms and hands as relaxed as possible and avoid clenching your hands into fists. If you clench your hands tightly, it will cause tension to move from your hands to your arms, shoulders, and neck.

You should only hold hands gently and comfortably if you want to run properly. You can also picture yourself holding an egg in each hand that you treasure and don’t want to break them.

4. Do not swing your hands too hard while jogging

You should not swing your arms too hard between your chest while running as this will make you unable to control your rhythmic breathing. Improper breathing puts you at risk of hip cramps and shock.

When your arms are swung to the sides, they tend to move more toward the shoulder, shortening the distance between your upper arm and forearm, causing arm contraction and making it difficult to breathe.

If you feel your arms are shrinking, you should relax them and gently shake your arms. Then, fold your arms at a 90-degree angle from your shoulder and relax. You should also keep your hands parallel to each other while running.

To avoid swinging your arms too hard, imagine a vertical line that divides your body in half and keeps your hands from crossing that line.

5. Move your hand over the shoulder joint

With the right jogging technique, your arms will move with your every step and whether you run fast or slow also depends on the speed of this hand strike. However, you should move your arm from the shoulder joint, not the elbow. You should keep your hands running across your hips during each run.

6. Keep your hands at your waist for proper jogging


You should move your hands at waist level if you want to run properly, at a distance where your hands will slide slightly over your hips when moving. Your arms should also be bent at a 90-degree angle.

Some joggers have a habit of keeping their hands as high as their chest, most commonly when they’ve started to feel tired. This habit can make tired us even more tired. You may even feel shoulder and neck tension with a lot of discomforts.

7. Do not step too high when running

Do not step too high when running

When you step high, it means you will jump up while running. Your head and body moving up and down too much will waste a lot of energy. The more you lift yourself off the ground, the more shock you will hit the ground, and the faster your legs will tire.

To save energy, adjust the speed of your body so that you step gently and don’t have to exert much effort when lowering your legs. Focus on stride instead of trying to lift your legs up. Running properly will help you run longer, run longer and get the benefits of running.

Some experts think that the effective way to run is when your feet are in contact with the ground for 90 beats per minute. If you are running at a lower beat, shorten your stride.

You may feel uncomfortable in a short time to change your pace. However, you should not try too hard, just practice as much as you can. Persistent exercise will help increase your fitness to exercise jogging for longer.

8. Landing with all of your feet when practising jogging

A good way to run is to try to avoid hitting the ground with your heels or toes. When you run with your toes, your calves will tighten or get tired very quickly, and worse could cause injury or pain in your lower legs or shin.

Try to touch the ground with the soles of your feet, then roll in front of your toes to spread the force evenly.

9. Always point your toes forward

If you want to run properly, make sure your toes are facing forward. If your foot is facing outwards or inwards, injury is very likely. If you are not familiar, you can practice running short distances first then increase the running time or increase the distance length. Over time, you will feel more comfortable with your feet facing forward during jogging.

10. Adjust your posture while running

Adjust your posture while running

If you get tired or exhausted near the end of a run, you will tend to relax and tilt your head forward or back as some athletes do. However, this exercise will put tension and pain in your neck, shoulders, and back.

To get the right running technique, raise your head, look straight, keep your back straight, keep your ears right between your shoulders, and maintain a neutral pelvis. Make sure you don’t lean forward or backward too much during the run. This posture will make you feel exhausted in just a short time.

Running position at the correct running speed will help you maximize your health while maintaining your performance until the end of the run. Proper jogging technique is crucial for you to avoid fatigue and from exhaustion falls at the end of your run.

For a more effective jogging exercise, don’t force yourself to master from the very beginning of the run, but let yourself relax. As you persist in exercising each day, you will gradually become more proficient in the right running techniques to improve your health.

How To Run Properly For Beginners – 5 Running Secrets


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