Skin aging when? These habits cause premature skin aging must be removed immediately

When aging skin is one of the questions many people ask. Knowing the skin aging process will help you take measures for early skin care to prolong youth.

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It can be said that, skin aging is a natural process that anyone faces. But the question of “when is the skin aging” is still a hot topic among women today. Also, the age of each person’s skin is different, be it 25, 30 or early, later than that. There are many causes and habits that cause premature skin aging. Although the consequences of skin aging do not seriously affect health, but cause loss of aesthetics, making many women inferior to their beauty.

Therefore, to have the most satisfactory answer to the above questions, please take some time to learn more through the article below!

Skin aging when? Age of skin aging

Skin aging is something that no one wants to happen to themselves. But it is a natural process so it can appear at anyone, any age. There are people at the age of 30, people who are only 25 years old have also become old and ugly. Therefore, the process and age of each person is often not the same.

If you take care of unreasonable skin care, often exposed to the sun, the risk of aging will be earlier than the age of 20. The signs of skin aging at this time are not really obvious and often difficult know.

Skin aging when? Age of skin aging
Skin aging when? Age of skin aging

So when does aging skin? According to the latest statistics, skin aging in women tends to occur early and most at the age of 25. The main reason is that the imbalance of some hormones leads to the skin as well as the body gradually weakening.

The amount of fat cells under the skin quickly decreases elasticity, the skin becomes dry, saggy and flabby. At this time, the skin’s resistance is reduced, easily affected by changes in the body as well as the external environment.

Age of skin aging is manifested as follows:

  • 30s: The skin is reduced smooth tension, large pores and wrinkles appear at the corners of the eyes and mouth.
  • 40s: Wrinkles form deeper and more pronounced areas of the face. The crow’s feet in the corner of the eye, the skin becomes dull, lifeless.
  • Age 50.60: Density appears dense wrinkles, dry skin, peeling, wrinkled and rough.

Once you know when skin ages and skin aging, quickly find yourself effective skin care and prevention measures. The active protection of the skin against the negative effects of the environment by careful shielding, combined with the use of sunscreen is the most effective anti-aging skin. Besides, you should immediately stop the aging process of skin to prolong youth to the skin.

These habits cause premature skin aging

Stay up late

This is one of the skin aging habits that many people suffer from. Staying up late is probably too common for young people. The habit of staying up late not only affects your health but also causes dark circles, dull skin and age.

Stay up late
Stay up late

Using electronics continuously

Computers and phones have bad radiation to the skin. The moisture quickly disappears, making the skin dry and less fresh. If you expose these devices for a long time will cause collagen structure is affected, the skin becomes saggy, wrinkles, crow’s feet appear.

Rub eyes, chew gum

These actions seem harmless but have a strong impact on your skin. Chewing gum does not help tighten the face muscles, but it also makes the mouth wrinkles appear faster. In addition, regular rubbing eyes also breaks the elasticity of the skin.

Do not use sunscreen

Sunscreen is an indispensable product for anyone. It has the ability to care for and protect the skin from the sun, dirt, environmental pollution. On the other hand, sunscreen is a product that prevents skin aging and the formation of acne.

Abuse makeup

While makeup can help you cover imperfections on your face. But overuse is the cause of aging skin faster. Thick makeup will clog pores, leading to acne and aging skin if not removed.

Abuse makeup
Abuse makeup

Do not exfoliate or exfoliate too much

Exfoliation is an indispensable step in skin care to remove dull cells and fight skin aging agents. However, not exfoliating or exfoliating too much also makes the skin damaged, becomes rough and premature aging.

Unsuitable skin care products

Each skin care product is designed for a different skin type. Therefore, using products that are not suitable for your skin condition will not bring you the desired results, even counterproductive. Therefore, if you continue the skincare habit of bluff, without first knowing the product, skin aging will “knock on the door” without notice.

Wash your face with hot water

In the winter, many people have a habit of using hot water to wash their face. This action accidentally makes the skin more dry, itchy, loss of protective film makes pores big, wrinkles appear.

Skip moisturizing steps

If you have gone through careful skin care and still not achieve the desired effect, please consider whether you have properly moisturized your skin yet? Providing the skin with essential moisture is extremely important. Because, a skin without enough moisture will make the skin dry, less smooth and lifeless.

Smoking habit

Did you know nicotine in cigarettes causes dry skin and loss of elasticity? In addition, during smoking, your mouth will constantly shrink, which inadvertently speeds up the aging process of skin faster.

Wrong position of sleeping

Sleeping on your stomach or lying on your side will put your face in direct contact with the pillow. Over time, one side of the face, neck and breasts will form wrinkles due to high pressure.

Wrong position of sleeping
Wrong position of sleeping

Consequences and harms of skin aging

As mentioned above, the consequences of skin aging and the effects of skin aging, though not affecting health but cause loss of aesthetics, make you become old and ugly.

Impaired skin function

The aging process significantly reduces the function of the skin, lymphatic system and blood circulation. This makes the overall structure, capillaries under the skin and toxins are not excreted. This condition lasts for a long time will lead to clogged pores, pores make skin unable to exchange oxygen, poor elasticity and accelerate the aging process of the skin.

Stops collagen production

Collagen production is also greatly reduced, the mesoderm structure weakens, folds are formed and the skin begins to sag. In addition, the activities of enzymes such as protiase, collagenase … markedly decline due to the impact of the environment, appear dark skin areas into plaques.

Skin pathology

When the protective barrier is weakened, the skin will become more sensitive to the harmful effects of the sun, stimulating the production of many dark melanin pigments that cause melasma, dullness, freckles, etc. skin cancer. However, most women ignore this risk until the signs appear to the outside and become difficult to treat.

Skin pathology
Skin pathology

Above is some information to help you answer the question of when skin aging, skin aging habits and the consequences of aging skin for women. Knowing the nature of skin aging will help you come up with a method to prevent it in time.