Tension Missha water chalk Review Glow Cushion (Line Friends Edition)

by AzToplist | Updated: March 9, 2020

2 super hot with the chalk line and water Missha Cushion Magic began brightening Missha 3D Glow Tension how did you correct fidgety because of BST Line Friends adorable then.

Missha then launched the new line of Missha Glow Cushion Tension ( Line Friends Edition ) “genuine oyster” than two lines on her do things stand.

Sunscreen is not only waterproof but also moisturizes, keeps color for hours giving you a makeup class adorable and beautiful excelled.


1. Made of water chalk Glow Missha Tension Line Friends Edition

Missha is famous cosmetics from Korea with quality and eye-catching designs and costs are extremely affordable so very popular in the market.

When it comes to the line of the Missha cosmetics, we can not ignore Glow Missha Tension is. A new product launched recently, but the focal point to attract all glances.

What is Tension?

Tension Dubbed away after the Cushion juniors should have the advantages and features of integrated Cushion always.

It will help you to quickly solve problems on the skin as covering any imperfections on the skin. At the same time incredibly smooth cream and apply to the skin smooth when not leave streaks or uneven ceiling do not make skin mechanically.

Also can add a point made many lovers Glow Missha traction Tesion is great to smooth skin without causing dryness around the nose or chin area. And if you want to layer multiple layers to increase the coverage perfectly.

2. Review Missha water chalk Glow Tension packaging design

First look at the shell of the box so cute This tension was enough to make her and then cut the TYM.

Brown bear head motifs extremely lovely and lovable always printed on the sponge and mirror. Brown Bear What you mad, do not ignore Missha Glow Cushion Tension.

Water chalk Missha Special Friends Glow Edition Line Tension surfaced thick and elastic mesh super comfortable. Help get the cream on Puff pieces easier, giving you a smooth white skin flawless.

Puff pieces of Missha Tension Glow are designed with a layered structure to 4 floors. So the amount of cream is drawn with a more than ordinary sponge but on the amount of powder hit many doubles.


Missha Glow Cushion Tension with creamer concentrate enhances grip and increases defect cover layers. Makeup foundation helps keep the color longer.

Along with the ability to rank extremely natural skin tone.

3. The composition of Missha Glow Tension review

  • Extracted from ylang-ylang flower oil effective to control and regulate the amount of oil on the surface. Keep the substrate is long and not to tone even when active.
  • Extracts from camellia help level the skin moist and cool.
  • Briar bud extracts barrier layer protects the skin from external environmental impacts.
  • Extracts of Denmark rose pink stretch smooth skin naturally.
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen helps support Adenosine and beauty and add nutrients to the skin.

With natural extracts to make your upper Missha Glow Tension also review how well, right?

4. Use of Missha Glow Cushion Tension review

  • Tension Missha Glow rare ingredients help keep class makeup last longer. Makeup for a fresh and more durable.
  • Improve skin bright white and shiny skin surface creating extremely natural.
  • Missha Glow Tension Cushion Line Friends contains a sun protection factor SPF50 + / PA +++ protects skin to the effects of the sun and blue light from electronic devices such as phones, laptops, computer desk, …
  • Tension Glow Powder Missha water suitable for all skin, especially the skin has many defects, dry skin, or easy to mold as makeup or powder coated.
  • Missha Glow Cushion Tension suitable for everyday use without worrying about skin squash, heavy face makeup remover or hard. Especially you can layer multiple layers to increase the coverage.

5. Tension review Missha Glow color tones

Missha Glow Cushion Tension has 6 tones popular with all skin types for you spoiled for choice. However, we should choose a lighter skin tone to tone 1-2 on the natural color and the skin looks more modern.

  • Tension Missha tone #Glow 19 Ivory
  • Tension Missha tone #Glow 21 Fair
  • Tension Missha tone #Glow 21 Vanilla
  • Tension #Glow 22 Missha tone Beige
  • Tension Missha tone #Glow 23 Sand
  • Tension #Glow 25 Missha tone Tan

Usually young or color tone options 21 Vanilla is a natural tone with much best skin as well as one of the “Best Seller” of the current Missha.

6. Review Missha using Glow Tension

Step 1: Use lotion Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream for skincare.

Step 2: Subscriptions added a layer of foundation all over the face and took back the puff mile.

Step 3: negotiating countries Missha Glow Tension up over your face until you see up the natural color.

Note reviews always neck to not skewed than skin tone.

Beauty knowledge will help you make yourself more beautiful every day!

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