What is the effect of Plank? Plank practice is good or bad or not?

by AzToplist | Updated: August 7, 2020

Are there any exercises that do not require exercise that still be effective?

When you hear this question, it makes no sense, but there are exercises you do not need to be active to achieve an effective calorie-burning as hard exercise.

This is because muscles have three basic states: muscle contraction, muscle relaxation, and air holding.

This exercise is to put the muscle in a state of holding muscles and contracting muscles at the same time, this is one of the states that completely burn normal calories like other states when the muscle is active.

Why do we need to know about the effects of the plank ? To know when to practice, what to do and of course for more motivation.

Actually, this is a highly beneficial exercise that should be suitable for most people. Want to know what those are the benefits, do not skip this article.

The effects of the plank exercise make you curious?

People often only know plank as “the king of abdominal exercises”. But in fact, the benefits of the plank are more than that.

Plank is not only when you want to have a nice belly. So what else do people practice plank for?

1. Increase core muscle strength

When it comes to improving core strength, a plank is one of the top exercises you can think of, as it combines all four abdominal muscle groups. Do you think there is only one thing called “abs”? Actually, the abdominal muscles also include:

  • Rectus abdominis: It is the 6 pack you see, helping to improve performance when playing sports, especially dancing.
  • Transverse abdominis: Helps you lift heavier weights.
  • Internal obliques: Directly used to rotate the body.
  • External obliques: Stabilize the body when rotating.

A strong core muscle will give you many advantages when exercising, bodybuilding, supporting your back and spine as well as preventing injuries.

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2. Muscle development

Muscle development

Plank not only affects the abdominal muscles but also builds other muscle groups like the shoulders, chest, legs, and back.

It helps build lean muscle, increases overall muscle mass on you. While holding the plank, the shoulder, arm, and right biceps work relatively hard, but thanks to that they become firmer.

It’s the upper body, let’s talk about the lower body. Plank is also a great way to “lift” the glute.

The thigh muscles are also involved a lot, so it’s more and more compact. An exercise, with many benefits like this, why not practice it.

3. Increase in metabolism

If muscle growth can be felt and observed, then there is another hidden benefit that plank can give you, which is improved metabolism.

Once the metabolism is accelerated, the calorie-burning speed is also faster, your weight loss will be more effective.

Plank’s calorie-burning ability is worth more than crunching, although the plank is less active than any other exercise.

And importantly, the metabolism is not only accelerated while you are exercising, but also maintained throughout the day, even while sleeping.

4. Reduce back pain and injuries

The plank’s posture does not put too much pressure on the spine and hips. Besides, when your abdominal muscles have been trained to become “stronger”, the normal activities of the body will no longer be too dependent on the back muscles.

A healthy core will help you a lot in working, moving, playing sports every day and reducing the feeling of lower back pain.

Speaking of which, you also understand that people go to school, office people have to sit a lot so what are they doing a plank for?

5. Correct wrong posture

Correct wrong posture

The reason for the wrong posture is that some muscle groups are weak, leading to an imbalance.

Plank with the ability to evenly support muscle groups will make the spine, the muscles in the middle and upper part of the body stronger.

When you do a plank, the chest muscles, back, shoulders, and abdomen all have to work “hard” to control the body.

A correct and correct posture will help protect your bones and joints better, especially as you get older.

6. Improve balance

What is the effect of keeping the body still in plank?

It encourages your body to create stability and stability, increases coordination among muscle groups, and keeps people from falling. Although just looking at it, a plank is very simple and leisurely.

But when embarking on performing and then seeing to maintain that posture without being tilted is really a big challenge.

But once you get used to it, you will find yourself balancing better during everyday activities, such as being able to stand one leg longer.

7. Helping bones and joints healthy

Plank helps to help bones and joints?

  • Firstly, while running, jumping rope or climbing stairs will put some pressure on your legs, especially the knee joint, a plank is a form of exercise that will help you avoid this problem.
  • Second, when you do a plank, new spinal tissue is created, reinforcing a healthy skeletal system. The physical activity that happens when you do the exercises also helps the bones to move more smoothly.

8. Relieve stress

Relieve stress

Plank or any other physical activity stimulates the production of a neurochemical in the brain called endorphins. This substance has the ability to increase feelings of happiness and dispel stress and anxiety.

The more you sit in one place, the more compressed muscles and nerves you will need to relax with movement. Therefore, if you are in a state of prolonged stress and fatigue, join the exercise as soon as possible.

9. Supports fat burning

As mentioned above, plank stimulates energy expenditure, thereby helping you to reduce the amount of fat accumulated.

However, many people deify the effects of plank belly fat loss when they hear that this is the # 1 abdominal exercise. It is true that the plank is very good for the belly, but it is aimed primarily at the muscles.

Although participating in burning calories to lose body fat (you cannot lose fat in one area), it will not be as much as when you do cardio or HIIT.

Thus, if you want to burn belly fat, then practice with a combination of the cardio, plank and other abdominal exercises.

10. Convenient to practice

Story plank may well not then no need to doubt. But besides being good, it is also very convenient, so convenient that you can hardly be lazy.

  • Firstly, you do not need tools, no need to go to the gym, all you need is just enough space to … lie.
  • Next, plank does not take much time. Each plank only takes 2 minutes to be called a “master”. The posture is also relatively simple, so it is not necessary to have a guide. You can learn and follow instructional videos online. But remember to observe carefully to avoid the wrong practice.

6 Things That Happen When You Do Planks Every Day

The harm of plank practice

These side effects usually only appear when you do the wrong technique. The problems have a fix, so you don’t need to worry too much.

Remember, the effectiveness of plank exercise is only when you get it right.

  • Breathing problems: When you do a plank, only your toes and hands/forearms touch the floor can strain muscles, leading to a drop in oxygen levels. Many doctors recommend that you get into the kneeling (crawling) position before stretching to ensure enough oxygen reaches the muscles. Also, don’t forget to breathe regularly throughout the exercise.
  • Putting pressure on the joints: When plank, the intercostal muscle and the chest muscle become tense and put pressure on the costochondral – the part of cartilage that connects the ribs to the sternum. As you lift off the floor, the pressure is applied to your ribs and shoulder joints. Don’t forget to warm up and pay attention while exercising, if something is uncomfortable, adjust or stop.
  • Back pain: This is the result of practising the wrong technique, all you need to do is correct your posture. If you have had back pain or related diseases before, you should consult your doctor before practising.

Use the effects of the above plank to motivate your practice. Don’t forget to add Whey Protein to further aid your muscle tone.

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Proper exercise and nutrition is the key to having the perfect belly slot.

Beauty knowledge will help you make yourself more beautiful every day!

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