Why Is Everyone Cutting Their Hair Short

by aztoplistteam | Updated: October 16, 2020

Long hair can easily split ends, thin and thin, especially when washing, styling and brushing. Also, on hot summer days, it feels very uncomfortable to have long hair.

In addition, for those women who are busy with all jobs in society and take care of the family with little time to take care of their hair, the smart short haircut is the most popular choice today.

Not only that, short haircut helps you change your style to add personality, more dynamic youthful update according to the latest fashion trends.

However, if you want to own a short hair that is suitable for the age, characteristics of each face conceal defects, plus hair care and protection, not everyone can do it completely. integrity.

To help you save time searching and minimize costs in the process of hair care and find short, noble or modern, dynamic, personality hairstyles that best suit you.

AZTopList is ready to provide the most accurate information compiled from hair stylists all over the world, seasoned with golden scissors to share valuable knowledge.

Welcome to read the article below, to choose for yourself a beautiful hairstyle and add all kinds of problems related to how to restore and protect the specific care line for each hairstyle.

Make sure that after a few weeks, as long as you are persistent, following the instructions will help you get healthy, shiny hair and a beautiful young face. You feel the happy and satisfied mood, confidently communicate with everyone else, attracting all eyes.

1. Short hair is always trendy

The trend of long, curly, straight or dyed hair can come and go very quickly, but short hair will never go out of style. You can keep your hair as short and curl or dye as you like without worrying about missing out on any fashion trends.

Not only trendy, but the decision to cut your hair short also helps you express your personality. If you are used to hiding your face behind your long hair, give yourself a try to step out of your comfort zone by cutting your hair short. You will stand out more in everyone’s eyes.

2. Shorthair helps you to change yourself

Shorthair helps you to change yourself

When you switch from long hair to short hair, you will suddenly fall in love with dusty T-shirts, bold lip colours or hair colour. Your style will gradually renew and you will have a completely different image from before.

3. Short hair is easier to care for

If you like to dye, curl, or use heat to style your hair, then perhaps the ends of your hair have damaged a lot and this is a sign that it’s time to cut your hair. An easy way to get rid of this damaged hair is to cut it short. Short hair will be healthier, sleeker and easier to take care of even if you don’t have a lot of time.

Beautiful short hairstyles for each face shape

If you want to cut your hair short but are still worried about your face shape will not suit, check out these suggestions.

1. Short hairstyle for round face shape

Short hairstyle for round face shape

Many girls with a full face often want to have long hair because this hair will help mask the roundness of their face. However, you can still make yourself more personal if you know what kind of short round face you like.

If you want to cut your hair short, let a few of the long bangs to the side to create more edges for your face. You can also have a chin-length bob with a split middle part to cover the plump cheeks and show off a delicate neck. However, you should not have curly hair because it will make your face more rounded.

2. Short hairstyle for long face shape

Short hairstyle for long face shape


Short, thin hair with bangs will help you partially conceal the length of your face and is a good answer to the question of whether long-faced short hair is cut. You can experiment with multiple roof designs such as horizontal roof, diagonal roof, thick roof or thin roof as you like. You will also be younger with these types of roofs.

3. Short hairstyles for square faces

Short hairstyles for square faces


A short bob hairstyle will help girls with square faces show off their strong jaws. Choose a short bob on the back and lengthen first.

How to take care of short summer hair

Once you have your hair cut short for summer comfort, you need to know how to protect your hair from the sun.

1. Use dry shampoo

Hot summers can make you sweat and oil quite a bit and your scalp is the first place to be affected. This will make the hair oily and no longer easy to style.

Bring a small bottle of dry shampoo in the bag to use whenever you find the roots are too oily because the dry shampoo helps to absorb excess oil and sweat from the roots very quickly. You can also use a cool-mode dryer to dry the roots to make the hair drier.

2. Sunscreen for hair

UV rays can not only harm the skin but also the hair, so after applying sunscreen to your skin, you also need to sunscreen your hair. To protect your hair from the sun, you need to wear a hat on the street and spray sunscreen on your hair.

In addition, you should limit the use of heat styling tools to maintain the health of your hair. To avoid the heat effect on your hair, you can try some heat-free hairstyles and let your hair dry naturally after washing it.

3. Wash your hair after swimming

Wash your hair after swimming

It is tempting to swim in cool water on a hot summer day, but the salt in the seawater or chemicals in the pool water like chlorine can damage hair. Both salt and chlorine dry out your hair, and even chlorine can discolor your dyed hair.

The way to protect your hair while swimming is to rinse it right after you swim. Use a moisturizing conditioner to restore moisture to your hair. If you go swimming regularly, wear a hair mask weekly to keep your hair from drying out in the summer.

4. Scalp massage

Scalp massage is a way to relax and increase blood circulation to the hair follicles for healthier hair. You can massage yourself after shampooing by gently placing your finger on the scalp and then massaging for 3-5 minutes. When you massage, you can apply coconut oil, olive oil or aloe oil to make your hair silkier.

5. Nutritional supplement

Diet also affects the health and shine of the hair. Therefore, you should include nutrients that are good for your hair such as protein, zinc and omega. You can add protein from lean meat, fish, eggs … Zinc is abundant in fruits and vegetables while omega appears in yogurt, cheese and cereals.

When you cut your hair short, you change your style and also give your hair a chance to get rid of the damage caused by previous perms. If you’ve hatched a plan for a short haircut, do it this summer to enjoy a cooler and more active summer.

Beauty knowledge will help you make yourself more beautiful every day!

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